Fresno SSF4 Ranbats 2.2 - 09.12.10: 100 degree wakeup DP

EDIT: Our ranbat has a website. So professional!

Fresno’s second ranbat series kicked off last month with quite the bang, bringing in over 20 people to a small boba shop for the sole purpose of pressing buttons with killing intent. A host of new faces, along with some old and busted ones, made the first ranbat of this season a great time. Complete with a run-in with my good friend Thunderbird, it was truly a day to not forget for at least a month or so. If you’re a Street Fighter player living in Central California, you’d be a fool to not show up.

What’s a ranbat you ask? Ranbat is shorthand for Ranking Battle, a series of tournaments in which players earn points based on their placings in each tournament. Want to prove that you’re the best in Fresno? I’m sorry you feel that way.

Date, time, and location:

Sunday, September 12

1075 East Bullard Avenue
Fresno, CA 93710-5532
(559) 447-8958

Entry: 10 $ (7 to the pot, 3 to the venue)

Pot will be split 70/20/10 between the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers.

Signups starting at 12:00, tournament will start at 2. If you’d just like to spectate, you’re more than welcome to stop by, but be advised that the place can get a bit crowded. Deodorant really isn’t optional here.



Best 2/3, Double Elimination

Grand Finals: Best 3/5

Loser can change character/ultra, winner cannot swap ultras.

This will be run on PS3, along with a 360 setup by request. If players cannot come to an agreement on which console to play, either a cockfight or coin flip will be necessary to break the deadlock. Since this will be multi-console, please be considerate of those who may need to borrow your stick. Unless they’re grimy as shit; then you can tell them to fuck off.

  • Tekken 6 -

We’ve had some interest shown for a Tekken side tournament, and we’d be more than happy to accommodate this. We need to make sure that there would be enough players though, so make sure to sound off if you want this to happen!

Current Rankings:

These are the chumps to beat:

1: Javier Garcia - 8 points
2: Andrew Vongphachanh - 7 points
3: Michael Junio - 6 points
4: Putthivath Chia - 5 points
5: Tommy Duong - 3 points
5: Stephen Cruz - 3 points
7: Isaiah Peoples - 1 points
7: Mike Chow - 1 points

All skill levels are encouraged to come by and take their best shot. We’re all here to have some fun and get better at this game, and we’d love to have you join us. Hope to see you out there!

good job setting up the thread… time to see some new faces at the ranbat.

P.S. Thunderbird is old news… next time it’s all about the Night Train!!!

I’ll be there for this!!!


See you at the Denjin or FFA tourney.

BTW put the date in the thread title.

hey, I’m technically from fresno and my family lives there. Can I come??? :slight_smile: I’m going to be in town!

Anyone can come out and compete, we’re not complete shitheads. Except for Miky.


ill be there

is there anyway you can have a 360 set up? myself and 4 others want to attend but all we have are 360 sticks. i would use someones but i use the 8 way gate on my stick. we could provide the xbox and te sticks for use. if this is possible let me know. thanks

Hey i think i remember you. Didn’t you come down for the tourney Kaizer was holding at his buddie’s tatoo shop? You played Blazblue and took it with Ragna? I think you played Viper for SF4?

No problem. We can definitely have a 360 setup there. I’d ask that you be prepared for people to ask to borrow your sticks though, since the vast majority of last ranbat was PS3 users. If you guys are fine with that, then it should be good.

Oh? I don’t play blazblue… :slight_smile: But I do play viper in sf4 and ssf4.

Paul?! I don’t know your srk name. And why is my name spelled wrong? It’s Chea not Chia.

You would Chow… lol assface.

I’ll make sure to tell my buddy to post in here so you can get a head count of who’s going.

No one cares, stop shitting on my thread.

cool, we’ll be there. theres about 4 maybe 5 of us. do u have a xbox set up or should i bring mine?

We’ll bring our own setup, no worries.

I liked how Magus still didn’t know who the fuck Mike Chow was on the KS stream.

That’s because I didn’t have the hat or the oscar the grouch shirt previously. Now they know.

They referred to it as an artist hat, too. Just like I said at FFA.

hey guys, me and some friends from manteca/stockton plan to come through assuming nothing crazy happens between now and sunday. 1v1 rl miky?

Sunday is gonna be awesome!

To all the new people showing up: the watermelon slushy tastes like pepto bismol. Other than that, they have good drinks in Lollicup.

Also, what happened to those 6 or so guys that were calling me out? I hope they show so we can get some exhibition/money matches going on.


Who’s calling you out? Let’s team MM them.