Fresno SSF4 Ranbats 2.2 - 09.12.10: 100 degree wakeup DP

Let’s MM when you get here.

alright for sure. I’d rather MM on 3rd strike im more confident on that:P

aww no Blazblue Continuum Shift??

i’ll MM you in 3rd strike!

camp0rface: sorry, but i dont think there’s a big enough interest for BB. but if you came out and brought a copy im sure some people wouldn’t mind playing BB casuals.

I really wanted to attend the first ranbat, but i had family business to attend to. I’m definitely going to be there this time.

i’ll bring my copy of BB

today’s the day!

It’s a beautiful baby boy! Congratulations, Tony!

A huge thanks to everyone who came out to play today, this shit was way too much fun.


I wanted to go but I had to work. hopefully next time I can get the date right…

Great event!!! we all had a blast. cant wait for the next one