Fresno SSF4 Ranbats 2.2: 100 degree wakeup DP RESULTS!

Fresno gets blown up by P. Viper!

1 P. Viper, +8 points
2 Miky Free, +7 points
3 Javier Garcia, +6 points
4 Mike Chow, +5 points
5 James, +3 points
5 Kaizer, +3 points
7 Tommy Duong, +1 point
7 Tyler, +1 point
9 John
9 Farouk Rice
9 Domezy
9 Anthony Mun
13 Mike Reyes
13 Jason
13 Baby Killer
13 Seum S.
17 Adrian
17 Steve
17 Adviel
17 Marlo
17 Jamie
17 TomSellek’sStash
17 Richard
17 Jesus
25 DV8
25 Luis
25 Ruben Lopez

A huge thank you to everyone who came out to play, especially the out of towners. Things were a little slow to get started, but I think it ran more or less smoothly once the main tourney started. Shoutouts to running side tournies for almost every fucking game out there, shit was awesome. We’re probably going to run a full Tekken 6 tourney next time, get ready!

New Top 8 Rankings:

1:Javier “Cynistar” Garcia: 14
2:Miky “I’m Free” Chia: 12
3:P. Viper: 8
4:Andrew “Domezy” Vongphachanh: 7
5:Mike “JKChowling” Chow: 6
5:Michael “Hoonyo” Junio: 6
6:Tommy Duong: 4
7:Stephen Cruz: 3
7:Kaizer: 3
7:James: 3

If you aren’t on here yet, practice up and come back next month. The point values are still small, so the only thing stopping you from breaking into that leaderboard is yourself! Grind that shit out and show us how free we are.

Keep an eye out on the Pac North forums for our next date, we’ll have it up in a few days!

Damn, great job on getting the results posted up so quickly. I have yet to see results posted up for either the FFA 3v3 or the Denjin ranbat we attended.

A huge thanks to all of the out of towners that came to the tourney. I didn’t catch all of your names, but the ones I remember were James, Tyler, Jamie, and Jason. 2 of you guys placed top 8 so good shit!

Congrats to Kaizer for winning the HDRemix side tourney.

Thanks again to Paul for coming down and running through us to take our money. Man, you made me look free.

Steve, Adam, and Richard: Great surprise seeing you guys around. Please continue to come to the ranbats so we can show you SSF4 while you school us in old school street fighter.

Lastly, the amount of players and competition were high this time around. Let’s make the next ranbat bigger and better! Practice up and we’ll see you guys in about a month or so.

Yeah great turn out. We ended up having SSF4, Tekken 6, Blaz Blue, and HDR tournaments. Was pretty sick. Let’s hope next will be bigger.

Here are the brackets for you SLO guys. I believe it was Jason who wanted them.

Super SF4
Tekken 6
BlazBlue CS
HD Remix

Not sure which ones you wanted so I’m posting all of them.