Fresno SSF4 Ranbats 2.2: 100 degree wakeup DP


EDIT: Our Ranbat website is back to being properly updated. It’s like we’re really running a tournament!

Fresno’s second ranbat series kicked off last month with quite the bang, bringing in over 20 people to a small boba shop for the sole purpose of pressing buttons with killing intent. A host of new faces, along with some old and busted ones, made the first ranbat of this season a great time. Complete with a run-in with my good friend Thunderbird, it was truly a day to not forget for at least a month or so. If you’re a Street Fighter player living in Central California, you’d be a fool to not show up.

What’s a ranbat you ask? Ranbat is shorthand for Ranking Battle, a series of tournaments in which players earn points based on their placings in each tournament. Want to prove that you’re the best in Fresno? Such a desire would raise questions about your mental health but, irrespective of your impending CVA, this is the place to prove it! Bragging rights, fight money, and perhaps even a special prize await you if you can acquire the most points this season. Simple enough, right?

Date, time, and location:

Sunday, September 12

1075 East Bullard Avenue
Fresno, CA 93710-5532
(559) 447-8958

Entry: 10 $ (7 to the pot, 3 to the venue)

Pot will be split 70/20/10 between the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers.

Signups starting at 12:00, tournament will start at 2. If you’d just like to spectate, you’re more than welcome to by, but be advised that the place can get a bit crowded. Deodorant really isn’t optional here.



Best 2/3, Double Elimination

Grand Finals: Best 3/5

Loser can change character/ultra, winner cannot swap ultras.

  • Tekken 6 -

We’ve had some interest shown for a Tekken side tournament, and we’d be more than happy to accommodate this. We need to make sure that there’s enough interest though, so make sure to sound off if you want this to happen!

Current Rankings:

These are the chumps to beat:

1: Javier Garcia - 8 points
2: Andrew Vongphachanh - 7 points
3: Michael Junio - 6 points
4: Putthivath Chia - 5 points
5: Tommy Duong - 3 points
5: Stephen Cruz - 3 points
7: Isaiah Peoples - 1 points
7: Mike Chow - 1 points

All skill levels are encouraged to come by and take their best shot. We’re all here to have some fun and get better at this game, and we’d love to have you join us. Hope to see you out there!


Yeah nigguhs! T-bird in full effect!


damn wish I could go but ill be out of town that weekend. Hopefully I can make the next one


I’ll be there.


I won’t be there.


Hoonyo will not be in attendance.



If you watched the Shadowbrooke or Keystone II streams, the famous MIKE CHOW and MICKEY (OR MIKY OR MIIKY OR XSK SAMURAI) will attend the Fresno ranbats.




morning bump



yo this sounds legit. Just came back from utah so im dying for a SSF4 tourney.


Yup tourney is tomorrow (9-12-2010). Good luck to all the participants.


Any idea on the next up coming tourny for fresno cali. fresno cali in da house!