Fresno Street Fighter 4 First Tournament Ranbat


Welcome to the first season of Fresno Street Fighter 4 Ranking Battles! A ranking battle (or ranbat) is a specialized tournament that incorporates an arbitrary point system that allows for frequent top placers to accumulate points throughout the predetermined tournament season. At the end of the season, the player with the most points wins the ranbat pot! And without further ado, the first tournament of the season:

The name Boba Fights is a play on the name of a Street Fighter 4 event called Bar Fights. Instead of taking place in a bar, Boba Fights will take place in an Asian tea shop called East Meets West Tea Company on May 2, 2009 in Fresno, CA.

Here’s the rundown of the tournament:

* Tournament Maker 2.1 will be used
* XBOX 360 Console
      o Bring your own controller pad or joystick
* Double Elimination
      o 2/3 Rounds
      o 2/3 Matches
      o Grand Finals 3/5 Matches
* $8 Fee
      o $5 goes to the tourney pot, which will be split 70/20/10
      o $2 goes to EMW for hosting the tournament
      o $1 goes to the end-of-season pot
* Tournament will start at 2PM
      o Sign ups will start at 12PM and end at 1:45PM
* RanBat Point Distribution
      o 1st - 8 points
      o 2nd - 7 points
      o 3rd - 6 points
      o 4th - 5 points
      o 5th - 3 points
      o 7th - 1 point


1133 E Champlain Dr
Fresno, CA 93720