Friday 5/16 3S ranking battle [#7 of 8]

** READ ALL THIS SHIT [i won’t explain ANYTHING during the tournament] **

location: #3srb on EFNET (
time: 9pm edt (GMT - 5)
registration: 8:45pm edt -> 9pm edt — 32 PLAYER CAP.

format: 2 out of 3, double elimination – players must choose their character ahead of time and stick to them throughout the entire tournament
emulator: nfba dtr9
kaillera: feb 11

optional/required: hamachi (
***THOSE WHO CANNOT ACCESS THEIR ROUTER TO PORT FORWARD – you’re REQUIRED to have hamachi in case your opponent is in the same boat)

there will be NO USE of kaillera servers (west wonderland, godweapon, etc) – you MUST have hamachi if you are unable to host/connect to other players. in the event that hamachi does not resolve the issue, i will arbitrarily assign the winner via coinflip.

if you miss registration, i will only squeeze you in IF there are openings (games yet to be played, byes)

brackets will be posted online; read them CAREFULLY. players may proceed to continue playing their next matches so long as their opponent is also done. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE RIGHT OPPONENT.

if you are in winners finals, losers finals, and grand finals – RECORD YOUR MATCHES.

if your connection is SPIKEY (read, jumps or stutters when you play), do everyone a favor and clear it before the tournament, or abstain from joining. if there are complaints, i will personally connect to the accused and find out myself.

seeding will be based off past performances

**THROUGHOUT the tournament (including registration), i will NOT be responding to any private messages.

ALL WINNERS must report their wins to me.

to grab my attention, either type “exo: [whatever you want to say]” in the irc chat, or private message me via the “/msg exo-tech [whatever you want to say]” option…**

current standings:

  1. exodus - 151.5
  2. chi-rithy - 112
  3. devilzknight211 - 46
  4. tenren - 45.5
  5. cruise - 44
  6. kamina - 42
  7. nica ko - 33.5
  8. zerog - 26
  9. neiman - 20
  10. ken-i - 18
  11. lord bbh - 17
  12. spectre7 - 16.5
  13. suleman - 15.5
  14. noobiegamer - 15.5
  15. brit-brit - 15
  16. rpd rookie - 14.5
  17. shinshay - 14.5
  18. shodokan - 13.5
  19. sensifield - 9.5
  20. bars n hooks - 8
  21. mariodood - 8

Blah. I hate working on Friday nights. I want to participate in one of these! Oh well, this is the last Friday night I’ll ever have to work so I’ll make the last one.

Best of luck to everyone…

wow up at 3:30 preparing a road for the needs of you,online 3s community-
true recognition for your endeavors.

it better stay on friday…its the day after my birthday and i plan to do good in this one :-p

no bullshit this time

the tradition is too give how ever many strikes derserved in years
this year your gonna get em’ a day late…

Change the date and I will kill you. Slowly.

I should be able to make this one, but I def. won’t if it’s on Sunday.

i don;t know anymore weekend classes. i’m i’ll be able to make it to these firday tourney’s.

You have made 0 effort on your writing.

0 skills with this ranbat as well?:badboy:

i see you eating Urien fierce again. :wgrin:

i had that meal…its not filling
your empty calories,and I left feeling totally unsatisfied…you need a new MENU

LOL I just remembered… I’ve got a wedding to go to this day!

Yeah I’m out :\

i may not make it today.:wasted: