Friday Night BeatDown/GYTNEWS 3v3 madness @ Dreamlab on 3/5/10


Please explain what this means.

I don’t think you have any basis to ban me from a tournament.


Team name: The Valley’s Rollin’ Deep Tonight!
Entrants: Destruct1ve, Commander Jesse, HellFyre

Plese do not refer to us as “Team” The valley…, just the team name will suffice. Thank you for your consideration




sign us up please

team Half A Trillionaires Arisen from the Darkness… Oh Btw Messiah Kick

Blaqskillz, E$ Money, DJ Divine


put us down for friday

Team Cleavage Booster

Anna, Tatsu, Pherai


Put us down as a maybe, still tryin to figure out how to get over there… and some of my members are contemplating… will let you know 2morrow in the afternoon ish’

XBlades, Zill, Temjinalpha

ps. Jchensor Lets get that rematch again!!! always happy to play you!


Well Vest, if you don’t answer I’ll be showing up Friday.


i said you do not show up ok end of fucking story… and stop trolling here… get the message now…

@ DJ Divine:team Half A Trillionaires Arisen from the Darkness… Oh Btw Messiah Kick… thats a unique team name??? siiiiiicccckkkkkk :slight_smile:


@xblades…dude dont trip… i talked to you the last time and we cool… hope you can make it…just call me up


Street fight after Street Fighter.

I will probably be spectating for a bit here.


I wanna enter but Joe (that Gen player from Dreamlab) still hasn’t figured out if he’s gonna ditch his anime club on friday or not :rolleyes:


haha yeah i did take a page from your suggestion… :sweat:


I’m not trolling, I’m asking you a question, calm down.

I still have no idea what that means.

Does that mean I haven’t showed up in the past? Does that mean I can’t enter this time?

It’s a really easy question Vest, please just answer it. Otherwise, like I said, I’ll be showing up.


Vest, add my team BMF(Bad Mutha Fuckas) or I will name our team BlueToothBlankas again fool! :rofl:

1.Krayzie Bone

I’ll give you an update on my team soon.


ohhhh god…more than likely he will be in the animae club with bunch of nerds…

NO mother fucka… dont you get it by now… NO


Don’t you think that’s more than a little immature? You have absolutely no grounds to ban me from entering. Is it just because you don’t like me? You aren’t even explaining yourself!

If you don’t have a completely reasonable explanation as to why I shouldn’t be allowed to enter the tournament then I’m going to contact the owner of dreamlab because this is far too petty and unprofessional to be happening there.


Instead of being at a LAN center with a bunch of nerds?


Just let Chef enter. Everyone is just donating to Wong’s wallet anyway.


What’s up Vest. Sorry, I’m so late in confirming my team man, I had complications. The dude I was gonna team up with is being pretty flaky right now. I’m probably gonna team up with Rab, the friend of the Gen player Joe. I’ll call you up later today to confirm a definite team. Just hold us a spot. Thanks.


Vest said he doesnt want you to go, so that means he doesnt want you to go. Its his house/his rules, thereby if he doesnt want you to come then that means you cant come, he doesnt need to explain. Becuase its vest, he cant explain anything lmao!!, just dont make it bigger than it is man. Im sure they’re are other tourneys at the same date…


lol vest… i turned into DJ “divive” T_T :wasted: