Friday Night Casuals at hadokn's, Castro Valley

So since Sho Nuff is kinda over :sad: I’m thinking about hosting some small casuals here in CV on Friday nights. I need to level up and playing over Live isn’t cutting it. I’ve got two setups, a 360 hooked to an EVO monitor and a PS3/Wii on an HDTV. I’ve got sf4 for both xbox and ps3 and if anybody wants to bring tatsunoko that’d be cool as I haven’t tried it yet. We may start as early as this Friday, but I’m not sure. It depends on if anyone is interested. So, anybody interested?

I think the Starbase crew would be interested in coming to this maybe in a couple weeks.

Just had to ask…but will there be CvS2 setups as well?

I don’t have any ps2s, and I’m not really any good at it but if you want to set it up that’s cool.

i’m in the area a lot and me and my boy are looking to step it up with live comp too so i’m down to support.

I’d be down let me know wats up Josh

I’m down if I’m allowed

Cool, so looks like this is happening tonight. I wanna start at 7:30 and shut down at 12:00.

A couple rules, though:

I live in an apartment complex, so we gotta be kinda quiet, especially when entering and leaving.
No illegal substances. If you wanna pre-bake before you come over that’s cool, but not at my place, thanks.
BYOC, we’ll probably be on the xbox mostly.

So shoot me a pm for the address.
Cool guys, see ya tonight.

:lol: dang wanted to go but was at GDC most of the week. When ever the next one is let me know. :bgrin:

It’s cool, it kinda fizzled. Maybe next friday? I picked up Tatsunoko and modded my stick for the Wii, so that’s pretty cool. I’m gonna check out Starbase tomorrow but if you guys are down for next friday that’d be tight.

And here’s next friday! So who’s down for this week?

You still doing this man?

Not till super comes out. I’m on sabbatical, woo!