Friday Night Fights, Hartford CT

Every Friday, between the hours of 3 and 10ish, Aesthetic Gamicide, your newly formed gamer club in Hartford will be holding gamer nights, just come and have fun, battle it out, and play whatever you wish, everyone is welcome, entrance is free, except on tournament nights, we plan to hold monthly tournaments for SF4, TvC and w/e else you guys so desire. Sponsored by Joe Young Studios, held at Joe Young Studios. Right next to Capital Community College on Main Street, come on down and have some fun. PM me for any questions and directions, it can be kind of confusing finding the place for the first time. Hope you guys for SRK can come on down and party with us.

Day: Every Friday
Time: 3 - 10
Location: 942 Main Street, Suite 330, Hartford, CT

Smaller venue, hence the freeness, but it has 6 tv’s available to be used and projector for shenanigans

There are major bus routes right down the road next to the Burger King and the Gold Building, like a 5 minute walk or so and other places, basically you can catch a bus to many places right from the area, its very convient

First Tournament will be held February 19th, Evo Rules apply. Sign ups start promptly at 3 and end at 3:45 due to time constraints. Be there on time.

Tournaments will be held on the PS3
BYOC…(Bring Your Own Controller/Stick)

Tournament Info:
3 Dollar Venue
5 Dollar Entrance Fee
First: 70% of Pot
Second: 20% of Pot
Third: 10% of Pot

PM me with any question you may have. I will respond to them as soon as possible.

P.S. I know its a bit soon for the first tournament but i had to wait for everything to be finalized.

And after you stop here you can head towards BGs in Vernon for their all niters on the same day, they start at about ten ish, its a 15 minute drive from were we are located, all the info needed is in the following link

What state is this in? Need more info please!

updated with exact location

What system? IF xbox that would be sweet. I will personally check it out on this weekend or the next

I’ll try to make it up next month and meet some CT heads. Good stuff!

You should probably post this in the atlantic north thread so CT players can check it out. There has been fight nights in Vernon CT and they are held every Friday and all night. I will give you a link to the thread so you can check it out.

This is where people have been going for friday night fight nights and it’s a mixer of MA and CT players.

yah, i know all about the meet-ups at battlegrounds, thing is i dont have a car, so making it out to vernon is nearly impossible, this is just a easy to find second option for people, not to mention free play is always good, ill try and move it to the north atlantic thread area though

If it’s the Baka that I know from dustloop then I am going to let you know it’s Tom Vigil aka Vigilante. If you don’t mind me asking what is the reason you can’t get down to Vernon very often?

yah it’s the same Baka, I kinda figured it was you, from your XBox gamer tag, I don’t think a bus rides out that way from where I am, and Andre works a lot so i cant catch rides with him. This is mainly for so newer people just getting into the tournament scene though, i’m working for Joe Young Studios to promote their gamer club around Hartford and the community college here. Figured i’d throw it on here to catch some people who can’t make out to Vernon all the time, i’m not replacing what you guys do by any means, and i wish i could actually get out there occasionally, hopefully when i finally get my license back i can do that. And ill be there next weekend for the tournament.

No worries man the more places there are in a state the more chances of us finding new blood and helping them get into the scene. I would like to ask, if I were to promote for you would you promote for me?

of course, no doubt, you know i got your back, 'im wondering if you guys could maybe come down here for the tournament. We could use a few more seasoned players to show the new guys how its done the 19th if thats possible

You should edit the thread title to include more info. Like where it is, when it is, things like that.

not a bad idea.

edited time and and general location into the titale

Alright kewl but when would your tourney’s be? If it’s going to be on Friday then I could see that being an issue because most people who go to Battlegrounds go around 10pm and it’s convenient that BG let’s us be there all night. I will of course try anyway but I am not sure if people will show up because of work issues. Baka, I would like you to tell everybody that goes to your fight night that BG has one on the same night,it’s a all nighter, and it only costs $5 for the entire night. If they need more info then let them know to call BG and ask for more info.

Going back onto the subject of your tourney, did you think about Saturday’s for the tourney’s or maybe make the fight night Saturday’s so people have a better chance of making it?

Right now i’m restricted to the hours they give me, and i had to literally beg for what i have now, at first they expected me to do something with 7 - 10, i’m working on it but these people aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer and they are closed saturday as of right now, i’m working on it though. Sigh, that aside, yah ill definitely send people your way after. And as for the tournament this one is pretty much set in stone, there will be another next month so i’ll try to work something out with that, but regarding the people if no one can make it, it’s cool, i understand the time issue, but you could you put the word out at least, even if a few people show up that would be huge. PM me all the info anyway so i have it just incase, it’ll make things easier so i wont have to wait for a response when i tell someone about BG

Bump and I am going to make links in the BG thread and CT thread so hopefully nothing goes wrong at this point.

Ill try to make it to some of these

bump to remind people that the first tournament we are holding will be this friday hope some of you guys can make it

sounds good to me