Friday Night Fights - Orlando, Fl - 05/01/09

When: 05/01/09 tentative start time 5ish

Where: Gamestop 4670 Millenia Plaza Way Orlando FL, 32839

Entry fee: FREE! :slight_smile:

Prizes: 1st = free subscription to game informer magazine and a discount card
2nd = Free $5 reserve on any up coming game (BlazBlue anyone)

Rules: 1 game; default rounds; default time; controller only; default button layout; no seth or gouken; if game is paused or home/guide button hit you loose that round not the whole match

Here is a little flyer we had made up

So here is the rundown. My Store manager and I are fighting game fans and this is why were are having this. We want to start having a gathering at our store every Friday where people can come and play fighting games and hang out. If we have a good turnout we will do one tourney a month on the first Friday and gatherings each Friday after. The prizes are not the greatest because they are coming out of my manager’s pocket. If this is successful we are going to try and get approval for a small entry fee for the next tourney’s($1-5) and just give out cash prizes.

As I am sure you all noticed we are doing controller only. I know this sucks but its because we are using the demo units instead of bringing in other TV’s and we also wanna level the play field for casuals and hardcore alike.

Feel free to post here if ur coming and if you have questions or suggestions.

10 days and counting. I hope to see some of you there. :slight_smile:

Here’s a few pointers:

Let them know what system it is in.

single/double elimination?

Let them bring their own controllers ( most people play with joysticks if you want serious contenders )

Any configuration the game allows is valid in other tourneys.

Why ban Seth or Gouken? They aren’t banned anywhere else.

Let someone local run the tourney at your store so they can collect entry fees.

This is a re-post so I guess I forgot to put some stuff in here. My apologies.

I posted that the tourney would be on our demo units. If we have a tiny turn out it will be on PS3 only. If we have a large turn out we will do a bracket on ps3 and a bracket on 360. The winner of each will fight on one system which will be selected by a coin-toss.

I posted that it would be one game. The right term would be single elimination I guess.

People cannot bring their own controller because like the post says, we are doing this on our demo units not stand-alone TVs with systems connected.

We want to keep default controller setup to keep the tourney smooth and simple. We don’t want to have to reset controller configs every match and we also don’t want people complaining about some people mapping out commands like focus.

As far as Seth and Gouken; I have talked it over with my SM and we will allow Seth and Gouken.

Like I said in the post, we did not get approval to take entry fee’s yet. We are awaiting a response from corporate. Until then, there can be no money collected at our store for events like this.

I hope this answers all your questions. If not, just post again. :slight_smile:

One week left!!!