Friday Night Fights R.2! ... Please?


Pre-release, one of the highlights of each week was the FNF’s that were released most friday’s. They kept me interested for a very long time, and invested way before anyone really knew when the game was coming out.

Can we get that going again? A FNF for the patch (for the couple of weeks/months until it drops) would make any and all time waited much more bearable. Please? Even after the patch, if you guys could get together 5 minutes of matches a week, that would be awesome.


I 100 % agree with this, and second the motion.


This would create a lot of hype for fans of the game and potential new players. It would also be a tease to some of the new technology and mechanics the patch is bringing. I really think this would be great fan service and great business too. Get hype!


This is definitely something I want to see the return of.


Whom are you asking to do this, the community or Reverge?


Shouldn’t this go to the suggestion thread ?


Whoever can get it done. I would watch community FNF’s, but I think it would turn out better if it was official.

… maybe. I didn’t really think it was a suggestion, more like a plea for the return of hype. I figured a lot of people would want this back, so I just made the thread as soon as I saw someone official post (letting me know they were checking this place again).


I actually forgot Friday Night Fights used to be a thing. That used to be the highlight of each week for me. Part of the appeal, though, is that the game wasn’t out yet and FNF was the only place to go for Skullgirls match footage. I don’t know if it would make as much sense now, although I could see bringing it back to hype up the DLC characters.


I must agree this sounds like a great idea, pretty please?


The quality of them were great, but this looks like a way for the community to do something to promote the game, those guys must be hella busy just trying to get that PC version, Patch, New Characters and other things out ;-;

How can you say no to that adorable Ms.Fortune face?


It’s really only great if it’s unreleased content, but it would be amazing for DLC characters.


It is unreleased content, because it’s the patch, which none of us have constant access to and of course it would also be great for DLC characters and stages and stuff.



tbh, I would be hype just seeing matches with the 7 new colors even if the gameplay was untouched, but I’d love to see the effects of the patch on Peacock and Fortune, Double, and everyone else.