Friday Night Finals?

I was watching UCTV and seem to remember them saying there’d be finals every night to cap off each day. They may have been saying it as a suggestion or possibility. Is that true, and if so, will there be no sunday morning finals? Maybe this can’t be answered yet if the process of scheduling 9 (10) games is on going.

There will be 2 finals on Friday Night.

2 finals on Saturday Night.

5 Finals on Sunday.

My estimation?

Fri Smash and MK9
Sat- Persona and KOF
Sun- TTT2, SFxT, Injustice, Marvel, AE.

They also have to put the Skullgirls top 8 somewhere. And they only have 2 streams.

Hmm…Actually I think the final setup will be like this:

Fri: Smash and MK9 (frankly, MK9 is pretty much dead (in terms of top tier talent) since injustice Came out, and smash…well)

Sat: Persona and SFxT (its weird, but consider how hype KOF was last year, I don’t see how it won’t go to main stage on Sunday)

Sun: TTT2, KOF, Injustice, Marvel, AE (self Explanatory, plus if you want to expose a game at EVO, Sunday is the best time (since most people tune in on Sunday (esp oversea people like Japan and Europe))