Friday Night Lights (show) is fun fun fun fun

How the fuck is there NOT a Friday Night Lights thread? Just started watching it on instant and up to season2 and it’s already one of my favorite shows. I really hate how some of the characters do amoral shit, get away with it, and then some sad shit happens to them to make the audience sympathize for them again like a get out of jail free card but otherwise it’s perfect. Almost everything that happens is realistic, the emotions are plausible, and the characters are real people not archetypes defined by the plot.

Spoiler tags or GTFO.

Really no one watches one of the best damn dramas ever?

SRK fails:arazz:

how you gonna spoiler tag a show…that ended in feb?

I assumed everything needed spoiler tags unless it was FF7 aeris level known.

no theirs a specific timeline for the rule. its sumtin like a couple weeks for movies and shows but games its like a general spoiler tag it no matter what.

I’ll never respect coach Taylor for not snitching on smash and Voodo. Rules are rules, just because you like someone that doesn’t make it okay to break the law for them let alone as blatantly as he did on both occasions.