Friday Night Throwdown (Bay Area, California)

Whats up folks.

A lot of you may not know me but i used to post in the KOF XI threads

My name is Cj…

With the recent release of KOF 12 a lot of players from my area are looking to get some play time in. As far as SNK goes we have a lot of players that happen to play KOF games among other games so we figured its about time we threw something

So this Friday, a friend of mine has agreed to host a gathering at his place.

Games that will be played are:
KOF 2002 UM

Guilty Gear XX AC and Blazeblue will probably be getting some play time too, and knowing my crew…there will probably be a lot of other random stuff being played as well

We’ll have plenty of set ups for people to play on, feel free to bring your own sticks if you want but im pretty sure we’ll have plenty of those too.

We’re located in the Fairfield / Suisun City, CA area. So if you’re in the bay area and you wanna throw down Send me a PM and i’ll give you my number and directions to the spot.

P.S. we’ll be recording matches as well…this should be fun. Lets make it happen folks!

Also if you have any more questions feel free to post them in the 707 TILT Thread in the Pacific Northwest Forums

O yea, and if possible could some one sticky this for me?

What time is this goin down and till when? I might be busy and wont be able to make it till 9pm or so.

Oh so this is NorCal. Damn :\

726 Wigeon Way, suisun city CA

@ExcelReaver: 9PM is ok, we end up playing shit all through the night til like 3 or so anyways.

We’re hoping to get more local events going after this one… Hopefully get more people into the games, cause NorCal’s KOF scene is very very scarce =(

I may look into this. Granted I haven’t played a KOF game in over 10 years and have yet to open my copy of KOFXII.

@fulltilt: Anytime is a good time to start back up again.

@ExcelReaver: I get off around 9pm anyways so thats actually perfect timing, and like Tone said we tend to play in to late hours

Hey I’m glad to see this starting up as after trying out the game I’m really interested in learning it. Sadly SF4 is going to be keeping me busy with it’s meet up this friday and tournament next friday but I will for sure try and make it to one of these some day.

Yo ILLiterate…Sorry i didn’t reply to your IM last night and sorry you cant make it…but hopefully if this goes well tomorrow we’ll try and have another one in the near future. Hope you can make it next time.

Friday Night throw down tomorrow folks…if youre in the Nor Cal Bay area and you’re interested in some KOF comp…feel free to come through. Any questions PM ME

see you guys tomorrow

For the record, everything is played on PS2/360. If you don’t have a stick, we’ve got quite a few to rotate, so its good.

Again, for those who missed it, the address is:

726 Wigeon Way
Suisun City CA, 94585

(which needs to be edited into the first post asap)

We’ll probably start setting up at around 8-8:30.

If any of you SF4 heads have been to the weekly tourneys at munchies, it’s only about a five minute drive from there.

One day away. Time to get hype! Ima be soo damn rusty for pardon the scrubbiness at first.

trust me you’ll have plenty of time to get into the groove man


Round 2 this weekend…Check the Pac North thread for more details

Best of luck with this guys! :tup: