Friday Nights BeatDown Sponsored By Ten2Gaming, Play N Trade

Hey everyone. I host a SF4, and tekken 6 casuals/tournament at my backyard every fridays from 5pm till 1am… I usually invite few people but well lately its been going great so far… My setup are 2 tv’s with 2 ps3 sets and if anyone want to bring a hdmi monitor, you can and we will hook up one of the ps3 on that tv and the other tv will be with ps2… Also if you have a sf4 TE stick for ps3 bring it, i have no problem what so ever…Also if i have more than 8 people, we do single or team tournament to try to get some cash in your wallet, i know i need cash dont we all??? Im happy to say that im a ustream these matches from this friday and on so if you cant make it you can watch us and comment if you like to. Hope to see you guys at my house…

Address: 5208 Dulin ave. Pico Rivera CA 90660

FWY near is 60,5 and 605fwys

My cell number (562)745-5935

Please call me or text me before showing up…Please…or post here

Food: we usually chip in 5 bucks for pizza @ little ceasers… if you dont want pizza or want to eat somewhere else. We have a denny’s, mc donalds, burger king, panda express, hong kong express, subway, little ceasers, taco bell, in n out, taco stand, and for desert 31 baskin and robins.

Drinks: I used to give out free drinks but due to our budget i will charge 50 cents for them…sorry guys :frowning:

So everyone hope you guys can make it and see you at the beatdown

I will be here scrubbing it up. I’ll also have my asus/ps3 setup ready to go with (2) TE sticks. I’ll bring some soda.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, there is a King Taco nearby. Don’t sleep on King Taco friends.

ALSO, don’t forget about Alondra Hot Wings. If the turnout is looking good I’ll bring some of these scrumptious treats.

King Taco?? I’ve never been there, I’ll definitely be coming this friday if its cool with you.

Also, I work at Domino’s so i can bring some pizza if you guys want something better than Little Ceasars :stuck_out_tongue:

king taco is p good.
so is alondras.


Hey man, this is pretty close to me, I’m interested.

just call or text me up today…im Jose aka DJ Vest

obey that would be great if you hook it up with the pizza…just call me up or text so yeah happy to have you at my house…:lovin:

Hey, this sounds great. So far, my Friday looks open.

just call me up and lets meet up…

i heard you mention something about panda express

…why have you not told me this before?? T^T
jk :wink:

Aww I wish I could go, but I always work Friday nights :(.
I usually get off around 10 PM =\

I have family who I usually visit for the weekend once or twice a month that lives over in the Lakewood/Cerritos area.

Could I roll thru one of these days???

you can show up this friday but just let me know before

I’ll be there!

This is like 8 minutes away from me, you can count me in.

Also, King Taco owns them all! lol

I maaaaay be there this Friday.

if you do… oh we got king taco…

hey obey562 are you bringing dominos pizza???just asking?

Well it sounds like everyone wants king taco so pizza might be a waste lol. Besides, I kind of want King Taco too, never had it before :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll save the pizza for next time

Looks like I’m good to join (=

I will be coming with Wonder_Chef. Will text you tonight to confirm.

Btw, do you have sticks?

Damn, does 562 really extend that far north? Haha, good shit, may have to come by some time

Quien quiere huevos con chorizo???

@Crafty Omega: I’ll be bringing a ps3 setup with (2) TE Sticks. Feel free to work my sticks all night.

…just don’t spit on them…that’s porno shit.