Friday SF4 + HDR Night in Seattle! 2/26

What: Sf4 and HDR!

When: Check thread title

Starts at: 9pm… ends whenever

3 tvs… room for more if people bring em
1 xbox 360
1 360 te stick
1 ps3
1 ps3 HRAPSA stick
1 dual modded p3/360 dreamcast stick

I live on sandpoint way in Seattle… about 5-10 min away from UW. PM for directions.

Please bring sticks/systems accordingly.

I have a dog and a cat fyi allergies and shit.

Rules are blah blah blah same as usual.

DO NOT COME if you are sick!
If you want to drink alcohol or smoke, do it outside or before you come please.
You’re welcome to bring whatever food or drinks, just don’t make a mess.
I’m open to having whoever over just don’t be an ass.

CONFIRM with me in this thread or via pm if/when you’re coming!

CALL if you have questions

I’m not working or anything tonight, but it seems kinda last minute for most people.

Indeed, I’m in Seattle now but don’t have my gear…I’d love to come out sometime though, assuming you have more sessions

yeah my bad meant to post it sunday but some shit came up… woke and figured ahh f it, i want some sf4 toniiight!

Same. I work in Seattle but live in Kent. I woulda brought my setup if I’d known earlier.

Where at? I’m down on Elliot, at the very end of Alaskan…we should grab a drink sometime before a session

Seattle U. Just a short walk downtown! Yea definitely! I work Monday-Friday and am usually done by 5. Just let me know and we’ll hook it up.

Ejdge, I don’t think I recognize your handle. Have we met before?

Pat, you know I work on Capitol Hill too, right? M-F until 5ish. Hit a player up.

Mmm don’t think so. My name is Edward though!

I’m planning to make this a weekly Tuesday thing starting on the 8th of Sept.

Pat, Edward was playing some casuals on your set up at NWM with myself, Krangkai, and a few others. He also plays Bison.

Edward, sorry I wasn’t able to play yesterday. For some reason, I get rejected every time I try to accept your invite. If you’re holding sessions, post a little in advance and I’ll roll through.

Even if all the old Bison players decided to quit…this here still be Bison country.


Yeah I kind of just invite everyone on my list when I play… soo if you’re too late, it’ll be full.

bumping for two weeks from now


Coming back from cali tomorrow… I’m willing to host this on Wednesday or Thursday of this week! I got beasted by a cammy player at WCW so if you play cammy, get the hell over here!

What was the Cammy player’s name? I wonder if it was my friend from my hometown, Allen Chang.

I coulda swore I posted in this thread before but I guess I didn’t… weird…

Anyway you should have this session Thursday since Heavy D is having his session Wednesday. You should also attend Heavy D’s and meet people. :tup:

heavy d plays a mean cammy

As does drdoomkills. I’m trying to make It to this. We meeting up prior to do shit hit me up give me the business!