Friday the 13th...CGL weekly quick results

Marvel - 16 people

1st Tong - Team scrub/cable/sent/doom
2nd Junior B cable/sent/storm/scrub
3rd Mag - mag/cable/sent
4th random - storm/sent/capcom
5th power/potter m/s/doom and storm/sent/cap respectively

fuck this game, nuff said. Tooo much bullshit, been playing this game like 2 years and I still can’t figure out the engine…

CVS2 - no idea, like 9 or something

1st Eric Choi - some cheap team consisting of c-blank/sagat/anyone
2nd Zuggzugg - some gay team consisting of anyone/anyone/K geese
3rd-5th whoever

fuck this game too, nuff said. Cheesey norcal bastards and their retarded infatuation with cvs2…

ST - 13 :eek:

1st Tizzong - Bison/O sagat/(o)Ryu
2nd Hung - ryu/cammy
3rd Pual - ZANGIEF! and o sagat of course
4th eric choi - ryu/o sagat
5th justus/potter chun/ryu respectively

Man I’m gonna run the ST brackets myself, every week…because this game is fun. Entry fee will be $1 for now, until I get better and have a chance. AND, for the record, I didn’t ban gouki and don’t plan to. If he ain’t *banned in japan, he ain’t here. =x NOBODY used him, except for me once and I lost…lol

GGXX - 31

1st Saif - sol
2nd Cblue - jam/johnny
3rd Crackpr0n - ky/faust
4th justus - venom
5th varun apu habeeb vagundfhsdjkfhskdjafhjkh panjabi - Scrubaiken

Fuck man, jam is cheap. Parries, Kikoshos, AND hazans? I dunno about that one…

Hell if I care about 3rd strike or SC2, I got peaced out in both. Someone will come along. I didn’t really pay attention to any tourney in paticular, just randomly…so correct the info if it’s wrong

*banned in japan is the best porn ever…kazaa is waiting gogogogo

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5th varun apu habeeb vagundfhsdjkfhskdjafhjkh panjabi - Scrubaiken

LOL VRoom VRoom

Too good.

Pyrolee and Rockefeller representin with Q, too f*cking powerful gentlemen! And Paul Lee get’s my respect cause he has some mad 3S skill.

Good job guys!

Come Evolution I really want to meet up with you 3 and play some casual games, if not that then maybe just shoot the breeze.

I’m going to be targeting mainly you Mr. Rockefeller the most though, since you’re the one who convinced me to attend this year. :stuck_out_tongue:


Take it easy guys and congrats to those who placed.

Props to my homeboy Crackpr0n in getting 3rd in ggxx.

Justus getting 4th in ggxx pretty fuken amazing.

Anyways anybody wanna play me in ss4 for money im down.


that would be Wes reppin UCI.:cool:

Why didnt the 3s results get posted on APEX?

My question is,

why didn’t Paul use Q, too?.. being the world’s greatest Q scrub and all? :lol:

naw… john and pyro outscrub my Q easily

Outscrubbed your ken too! :lol: