Friday the 13th The Game 7 vs 1 survival horror PC, PS4, Xbox One


Really excited for it. Some are upset it doesn’t have single player (unless it profits enough to add the slasher backer features like single player? Some fans are even willing to buy single player as DLC, so we’ll see how well it does), but I think considering the average single player horror game is shelved after beaten once, Friday the 13th the Game could be played months longer and more daily than the most overhyped survival horror games. It provides more atmospheric, immersive, replay value and natural survival horror that is more like a open real life experience
with no scripted outcome, instead of a movie.
So this design of game really brings Friday the 13th more to life.

some playable counselors and more gameplay mechanics explored

cool hints include:

  • there could be up to 10 playable counselors at launch
  • anyone can play as the same type of counselor,
    (this is cool because this means more possible combinations of teams. we know a lot of people quit before a match even starts in games
    where it’s music chairs with playables. Like for example, if Overwatch made it standard of only allowing one of each character/class, you would
    see massive amounts of people dropping out of games before they start. So it’s smart to leave counselor/class select open and unrestricted)
  • there is talk about possible costume unlockables to wear different clothes/appearance changes
  • each counselor represents a class, and are good at certain things than others
  • all counselors are capable completing any task (like repairing things), which is very cool and means anyone can adapt and be useful in more than one way. task completion speed may vary based on class/talents.

Also things like the stamina system, sound and fear system keeps things more intense, so camping can’t be abused, sprinting can’t be abused,
and smart cautious strategic stealth is more rewarding.

Combined with a player driven Jason, the gameplay results to more unpredictable and challenging possibilities than a scripted a.i. Jason.
So camp counselor fans can really get more exciting unique survival horror experiences than other games. Yes some players might suck and
make Jason look bad, but others can really be more epic and intense than any boss encounter.

Plus the team aspect is one of a kind, it’s looking to be a profound unique 7 players co-op experience for the counselors side, with the enemy threat level
that only a player controlled threat can provide.

asymetrical pvp games have been done before, but not exactly like it. the genre is still very rare, and I think this game is gonna be the greatest of its kind.

I’m glad the counselors side is up to 7 players, that’s more epic than just 4 or 5 or 6. it also gives Jason more counselors to kill in a single match and more likelyhood to kill one or more before the others escape or defeat them (if they do even that).
and a balanced fairness for at least 1 of the counselors to escape or defeat Jason. Not sure if friends will be able to join matches together, but
support 7 on the same side is really great (and fitting considering this series is known for having over a half dozen survivors involved in a single scenario).
7 is the perfect amount for the counselors side.

In order to avoid detection, I think the meta strategies could involve a combination of hiding (but not too long that your fear gives away your position),
slowly moving in the dark, using the enviornment for cover, and the sounds of other survivors perhaps distracting Jason (some teammates might even use a decoy role), increasing your chances to complete a task to escape or progress towards being prepared to attempt to defeat Jason.
I got to read more about it, but not sure if you can prone and crawl (without needing to go under a bed) that would really help with stealth capabilities. the map looks very massive and has a lot of woodland stuff, so it is possible for stealth to be viable and effective.

And its cool that survivors don’t all start together, so grouping, splitting up, reuniting, can lead to more intense emotional and social experiences.

Jason is going to be popular, but of course people will get the more survival horror intensity playing as a counselor, and it’s great it’s looking to have a nice variety of playables, though of course the designs are not finalized, and it remains to be seen how much more playables they will add. Though it sounds like they are capable of adding even more playable counselors beyond launch, which would be great. the more the merrier.


The game definitely has potential to be something great, I feel.

Though, I do have to question on why Jason can magically teleport to the potential victim’s current location? I know he’s awfully slow in walk speed, but still…


Yes a lot of passionate, open minded and fair gamers see its really in the greatest developer hands, and with support it can be greater.

even though a bunch of the slasher backer stuff won’t be funded, maybe post launch sales could fund to add the rest of the things they are planning. but it makes sense to finalize the content before July 8, because they have to get it ready for october. If this got as much support as Bloodstained received (which got over $5,000,000 in funding?) it would be even grander, however even with the standard stuff, it’s still gonna be phenomenolly awesome. Plus there’s another similiar game (not really, that other game doesn’t even support 8 players) on PC that released before and they can learn from the mistakes that game made. There are fans of that game that even commented how Friday the 13th is looking sooooo much more awesome in design, concept and atmosphere. of course it’s still in alpha, but this ain’t no 2.5D kickstarter muppet show, these graphics are already almost up to Until Dawn level (well ok that’s kind of an exaggeration, Until Dawn looks flipping photorealistic, but still F13th graphics are still looking better than expected and for a game to support 8 players and full 3D view (no preset camera views), that’s very impressive and they look more realistic than H1Z1 and ARK Survival Evolved).

Well this is my theory, based on what the Friday the 13th gurus have said ( I didn’t watch the movies beyond the 4th one, well ok I saw a little of VII.) is that I think it is homage to Jason takes Manhattan (VIII?) where they must of had obvious teleportation skills. and this game while it’s getting inspiration from the earlier movies, also has costumes for the later movies, so the game isn’t just about the early era of F13th lore, but also the later era of FF13th lore as well. So this game’s Jason is like a combination of oldschool and newschool F13th.

but you know even in the early movies, at times it felt like Jason can set themself at the right time and right place to ambush survivors.

also from a gameplay balance perspective. even though Jason could massacre all 7 counselors in a straightforward fight, it would be a vast undertaking trying to catch them all with a slow moving speed. Jason can’t be too fast to easily catch all the survivors, and the survivors can’t always have the speed advantage. things are not finalized, not even everything about the UI, so it remains to be seen to what extent teleportation can be used in the full version.


The teleport thing is just a Jason trope. No matter how far or which direction a victim ran, he would always magically end up being in front of them.


its Alien Isolation with a Jason skin.
that said, i love it.


More like Dead by Daylight with a Jason skin.



This is an asymmetrical multiplayer competitive game, A:I is a single player survival horror game with crafting elements.

Jason is player controlled, the Xenomorph in Isolation was a really complex AI that actively hunted the player with a bunch of weird factors going on with it.


I…I want to play this.


isn’t that only 4v1, though? and DbD seems really arcadey, half the time I see the survivors repairing MULTIPLE engines, like wtf lol. also DbD looks too bright, F13th has more darker realistic lighting (though it’s messed up I heard they might brighten it).

the mechanics and atmosphere of both games are worlds apart despite sharing some genre basics.
It’s kind of like saying Left 4 Dead and RE Outbreak are the same thing. or Fatal Frame and Siren. it definitely isn’t simply a reskin


Affinity is getting better at this.

I might actually take a look at this game if it ever comes out.


looking forward to it! I’ll be buying the Cyborg Zombie Armored Jason X costume DLC day one lol


Game should have boobs in it to trigger the SJWs and playing a black guy should be the equivalent of hard/expert mode for the same reason. Day 1 buy if it happens!


Part VII or Jason Goes to Hell costume(s) would be the tits.


The part VII design was one of the first ones they showed.


This game looks dope I’m pre ordering tonight. Hope the player base stays involved. Did they give a round about number into the ways you can escape crystal lake or survive the night? Also if you smoke jason does he respawn or is that instance over?


I would like to know that too. Is killing Jason a way to win the game or is Jason immortal? If he is immortal, than would killing him cut down the match timer to win the game? If there is a strong team of counselors and a weak player playing Jason, killing him might be way to easy to do and we’ll all be crying to buff Jason for needing high level execution to be effective with him


there are gameplay examples out there. from what is shown and said, there are a number of ways for Counselors to win, with more than one way to escape.

  1. escape: with the help of police (have to call them using a fixed phone), or escaping using truck/car (requires parts, and only carries about 4 or 5 people, also have to safely escape, if you drive into a tree, you may have to find another method to escape), and there is rumor of a boat method to escape.
  2. kill Jason: they haven’t said what are the ways. and guess there may be a definitive win method with it.

I would guess there will be weapons to find, perhaps in practical places (like a knife could probably be found in a kitchen drawer)
Attacking Jason would be risky, so maybe combat is designed in 2 stages, basic weapons/actions that can damage and eventually take Jason out of the fight for a short amount of time, and perhaps advanced weapons/actions that could eliminate Jason and win the session.
But of course Counselors have to try to avoid getting hit or grabbed which would be hard to do. Perhaps the only way to have a better chance beating Jason in a fight is strength in numbers, but Jason probably only needs 1 or 2 hits to kill one counselor, so it’s a very dicey method to try to win, that is high risk, high reward, no matter if you fight solo or in group.

Also combat may not be simply used as a method to win, but also a strategy of self sacrifice to help the others escape.

I think weapons won’t be abundant (there’s probably less weapons than there are counselors), so even if you have a team of strong counselors, they won’t be able to fight or do damage without a good weapon. trying to fight Jason with bare hands, they could just get slashed/grabbed and finished off.

plus the better weapons probably have random spawn locations. counselors are likely to get caught and killed before finding a weapon or finding others that started elsewhere.
So it makes sense the developers are making sure that a team of strong counselors isn’t more advantageous than teams with weaker counselors.

And they said all types of counselors can complete all tasks, so all of them can kill Jason, and even the ones with higher strength are just as squishy as the weaker counselors, so no counselor really is a tank/damage sponge in Friday the 13th at all. they are all fragile human beings.


I guess none of you guys heard of Dead by Daylight which is out now.



Dead by Daylight is a humble attempt, but I think those developers stole the idea when Gun Media announced Slash vol. 1 Summer Camp and DbD raced to get their game out first.

I don’t think DbD was even announced before 2016 (well some sources say June 2015, but there’s no articles about it)

Friday the 13th the Game (originally Summer Camp) was announced a year before DbD, October 2014 as Slasher vol. 1 Summer Camp , so DbD and Last Year copied Gun Media’s idea,

see that giantbomb article was in 2014 a year before DbD was even announced (which some claim was in June 2015 when DbD was announced)

Also Dead by Daylight is arcadey, immature and smaller scale, and Friday the 13th The Game is looking to be more serious, realistic, and mature and have its own style to how the game flows, its gameplay mechanics, and survival elements.

just because Dead by Daylight got their game out first doesn’t automatically make it a substitute for the upcoming F13th game. DbD looks and plays like a cash grab.

saying DbD is out now, is like arguing that DayZ is out and despite being first game of the genre, H1Z1 and ARK Survival Evolved are clearly the better Survival MMOs.
I think some would agree that DbD is not representation of the best this genre can offer, and some would rather wait for F13th instead of playing some dumbed down version of the concept. **