Fried Tofu Extravaganza - Yukiko Amagi Thread

Post all your stuff about Yukiko here. I’ve only encountered one Yukiko in XBL and that was launch day… guess no easy mode damage means you’re unpopular.

I’ll fill this thread up with PRACTICAL combos and GOOD videos. I’ll also try to avoid this thread becoming a giant clusterfuck where no one can find anything because they have to sift through a dozen garbage videos with no clear purpose.

Quick Moveset Rundown


236A, B, AB = Agi
236C, D, CD = Maragi
214C = Fire Charge
214D = Fire Break
214CD = Fire Amplify
236236C, D = Agidyne
214214C, D = Maragidyne (Awakening Only)
222CD = Instant Kill Full Bloom (Requires 100SP and 1 Won Round)

Agi: Your basic combo ender.
Maragi: If your opponent is being aggressive on the ground, force some space and use this to stop them.
Fire Charge: Don’t use it! It powers you up, but leaves you way too vulnerable. Over half the cast will be on top of you even if you recover in time to block!
Fire Break: Best to use this after you have a big gap where the opponent cannot attack, like a Super confirm. Makes your next fire-based attack unblockable, great for oki or unblockable supers like Maragidyne.
Fire Amplify: See Fire Charge.
Agidyne: Confirm into this from Agi. The C version is used the most, the D version is mostly used after the C version in the corner.
Maragidyne: Fully invincible on startup only, but a super to counter attacks nonetheless. Use the C version to push opponents away, or the D version to draw them to you!
Full Bloom: Blockable, but fully invulnerable attack. Last desperation move if you’re getting pinned!

Easy Combos


The Standard BnB:
5A x2, 5B, 5C, 2C xx 236A or 236B

  • Use 236A in case you are in the corner, or if you need to combo into super, or if you just need a close range confirm. Otherwise use the B version.
  • You can start this combo with a 2A link to 5A.
  • Cancel into Super = 236A’s First Hit xx 236236C. YOU CAN DO THIS FOR ANY COMBO ENDING IN 236A.

Far Range Standard BnBs:
5A x2, 2C xx 236B

  • The same as the Standard, but if your opponent is too far for fans to connect.
    2A x3, 2AB xx 236B
  • If you’re mashing low short like a boss and you’re too far out of range to do much else, end in sweep and cancel into 236B.

Aerial Confirm Easy BnB:
5B x2, 5C, 5Bx2, 5C xx 236A

  • If you catch the opponent in the air with a 5A, you can continue with this. Eliminate 5Bs from the combo if you’d like.
  • Also works after you land her ground-traveling fireball.

Easy Post All-Out-Attack Combo (All 15 hits + C followup)
5A, 5C xx Jump, 5A, 5C xx 236A

  • There are better combos, but this one’s the easiest.

Videos! Study the hit confirms and movement!


Starts at 02:48

Intermediate/Advanced Combos


I’ll fill this in soon. Most combos involve use of Yukiko’s 236AB (EX Fire Trap). They may look complicated in text form, but there are only a few “points” in these combos that are actually difficult (like detonating the last fireball and comboing into

I really like Yukiko, kinda surprised to be honest, will probably use her.

Having fun with her, Teddie, and Elizabeth.

yay a Yukiko thread!

Just to add a couple of slightly advanced 236AB combos:

On standing opponent 25 meter,
5AA, 2BB, JC 236AB, release A explosion, 5Cxx236D, release B explosion, trigger flame pillar, run up 5BB, 5C, 5BB, 236B

Aerial Opponent 25 meter,
j.A, j.C, 236AB, release A explosion, 5Cxx236D, release B explosion, trigger flame pillar, run up 5BB, 5C, 5BB, 236B

Comboing into 236AB is core to a lot of Yukiko’s game as it is her best source of damage, and gives you the momentum you need to start your zoning game.

Here are some videos I suggest adding to the OP:

[details=Spoiler]Goes over the basics of the basics

A couple match video of stunedge, who is godlike with Yukiko

Matches starts at 2:46

First Match at start and second at 9:52

Zoners normally make me feel ill, but she’s really a lockdown/momentum character with big zoning tools.

Then again, Arc don’t make games where people have no tools to get around things, so it stays interesting.

Hi, recently completed 29/30 Yukiko’s challenges and I’m still having trouble landing the combo in trial 29 or other variations of it.
The D part of the combo never seems to get the full amount of hits and doesn’t drag them all the way down to be able to combo into 5BB.
(Even though I managed to complete the challenge by mashing that shit till it worked)
Does anyone know the specific timing for it?

For trial 29, you want to space it so that the persona hits them with just the edge. If it comes down right on top of them, it’ll use up all its hits before they get low enough for 5BB to combo. You can adjust the spacing on her j.D by using 4 or 6, though I can’t remember if that was needed for the trial or not…

So… the matchup against Shadow Labrys seem pretty hard… right now I just try to rush down as much as possible (really weird to do as Yukiko lol), at far range zoning doesn’t seem to work against her…

Any recommendations on how I should approach this matchup?

So, how exactly would I go about doing this? I’ve tried using 4 and 6 but they’re too far.
I think its the timing of the agis or the air dash that makes this work but I’m still not sure.

I’m not at my console, but I think something like … j.236A+B ~ air dash ~ release A ~ j.D ~ release B ~ (D hits) … works. I might have the airdash and A release backwards. The timing for all of her combos involving agi explosions are pretty tight and it seems like you generally want to delay them as long as possible.

The one redeeming factor I find for this matchup is that pretty much all your normals are better than s.labs. Really it’s just a matter of getting the momentum first, which means outspacing her as much as possible and avoiding her blockstring pressure as much as possible. I know that probably doesn’t help much, but it’s all I got right now.

Oh and never get knocked down… because Dia only does 100 damage s.lab is free to block any reversal attempt on wakeup while her shadow beats you down.

Honestly I’m wondering this as a shadow labrys player…I’ve never lost a single match (even round?) against a Yukiko, the matchup just seems extremely hard for her. Shadow Labrys has many ways to make Yukiko’s zoning worthless - D blocks her fans and other zoning tools…the rising fist makes it hard for her to zone as well, and with good reactions, you should be able to easily react to Yukiko casting anything with Shadow Labrys R-action. Dia as an R-action doesn’t seem to be a threat against wakeup pressure either.

It also doesn’t help that Yukiko’s upclose mixups aren’t that great and her all out attack is one of the easiest ones to react to because of the more obvious animation.

Epic Shadow Labrys vs Yukiko match from the last TNT:

is it me or is yukiko the least played character?


Very entertaining because of Jiyuna’s comments.

I ran into at least 4-5 other Yukiko’s today while playing ranked matches on XBL

I decided to give Yukiko another whirl tonight in some ranked matches, went from an A to a C+; FUUUUUUUUUU. I really don’t understand how to open people up with her, her overhead is the slowest in the game and easy as hell to see and she has no real frame traps to speak of. Her unblockable setups are kind of meh, they require the opponent to actually respect your options, but they have no reason to.

She also has no real way to control super jump height. Sure she can throw fans up there for a whopping 300 damage, but your opponent can just block and slowly move forward. The more I think about it the more I realize how underwhelming her ranged game is.

You can control super jump height with j.D. Regular jumpins can be handled with 1/2/3B, with buffers into 236D in case you get a counterhit, which you can followup with a punish. In general, Yuki can keep a lot of the cast at bay with fans and j.D and Her 5A is really good at neutral if you’ve seen the hitbox; she can combo off of it from about any range and set up Maragi loops as an antiair.

Using 5B to cover 5D and running up behind it to get counterhits if they poke it or followups on a Fatal is useful, too if you’re playing a character you wanna be close to.

If you’re trying to get in, 5AA jc into stuff (quickturn-dash-j.A or backdash-throwfan) is useful. Have to get really good at aiming fans to hit opponent’s shins, since fans can hit low, and on counterhit you usually have enough time to run up and start a combo with 5A. Another part of her mixup is learning to stagger the fans and Persona hits, so knowing which normals will gatling into each other is good.

Blockstrings leading into 5C/2C are really telegraphed and mostly unsafe, so be wary if your opponent has a good DP, meter, or something like an Elizabeth Instant Kill.

For the Yukiko vs. Mitsuru match, I recommend looking at the Shuuto(SBO champ) matches at Jiyuna’s twitch:

There is a Yukiko in there that still loses most of the matches against Shuuto but in the end but does a good job of locking her down and keeping her out.

Hello everyone I just started playing this recently :slight_smile: I’m pretty basic with her and sitll learning all the quirks in this game but it was funny when I win they would d/c in ranked…xD any general tips? And are there safe setups to fire boost urself?