Fried Tofu Extravaganza - Yukiko Amagi Thread


I’ve seen some safe setups for Fire Boost/Break/etc while applying corner pressure in some vids but I’m not at a level yet myself to understand it. You can probably get a free Boost in after hitting someone with Dia but it’s probably better to either go for extended healing, s.D, or Maragi to catch them instead.

So I’ve seen a few players use s.AA s.B s.D dash in as kind of a ghetto blockstring to keep pressure with Yukiko but I am pretty sure that it is possible to counterhit the s.D and dash in rather easily. Right now I’m just playing online against mashers so I am wondering if this is still a good string to learn (I certainly like it because it feels like a SFxT style blockstring into mixup/throw) or if it is too unsafe. That being said what kind of strings should I be doing if I find my confirms blocked that are always safe?


You probably already know these but a common setup in the corner for fire break is a combo into 236A, C Agidyne. After the wall bounce you do fire break, as they’re waking up you release your A Agi into a C/D Maragi.

After an AoA you can do: AoA > D > 2C > 2B > 5C > 5BB > 236AB > ]A[ > 214D > ]B[ > 2AB > 236[A]

For that ghetto block string some players like to go for damage at the risk of a persona card. If you have cards to spare it can be worth it since Yuki’s big damage comes from double maragi combos. So you do the block string you were talking about into a 4D run forward and 5AA. It acts as a frame trap. For safe strings though players like to end it in Agi but some characters can straight up punish it with their back to the corner. I’d recommend doing 5AA and jump cancel it back into a fan so you’re safe.


Thanks Strawberry.

I feel kinda silly. I’m winning way too much as Yukiko online right now, moreso than I have in any fighter before. Of course I do not think I’m doing anything right, it is just that the newer players I get paired against in Ranked often have no answer to zoning and I’ve never once seen someone block/reverse/anything besides Burst out of the Agi on wakeup into 2.D > run forward > 2A at same time thing. I wonder how good players get out of that because clearly it’s very easy or Yukiko would have more respect. Might go into training and find out what, I bet it’s just easy to Reversal Action if they are smart enough to block the Agi.


Pretty sure late tech beats that setup…as well as reversal dp (if you’re trying to time the 2A at the same time as the overhead).


But there are ways to bait the reversal DP I assume, which is all good. I knew there were issues with it and all, but as I’ve said I’ve never seen it blocked once by my fellow E and Fers so I’ve gotten pretty lazy. Need to come up with some other options sooner or later. I just assumed that you could hold the Agi until the right time if they delay their tech so it forces them to block anyway, or is that too fast and such to guess?


Yeah you can totally reversal DP or late tech that setup I’m sure you can roll too out of that setup. You totally can hold the agi and release right when they wake up so it’s like a safe jump against DPs. It wont work on Teddie or Chie though obviously


I’m wanting to play Yukiko on the side because she’s totally awesome, anybody wanna give me a place to start? I’m normally good at this stuff, but I’ve literally never played a zoning character before T.T


You’re way above me skillwise so what I did for starters doesn’t really help. Still I can think of a few.

  1. One does not throw fans willy nilly, master their arcs and use them to counterhit and provide good space coverage.
  2. Get a firm grip of ending combos with a held Agi so you can release it on their wakeup and keep up her amazingly good pressure game.
  3. Use Maragi now and again as a zoning tool but predominantly as a means of punishing bad jumps and C version to stuff dodge attempts after a string. You get some of your biggest damage off Maragi so knowing it is key.
  4. Learn to live with the fact if they pressure you you are done.
  5. Learn enemy moves you can abuse Dia with.


This haha. Her normals are really slow compared to the rest of the cast. 5A is 10 frames on startup and your fastest I think is 2A which is 7. Learning to block and patience is definitely a must. Since you said you want to play her on the side(I’m taking it you play other characters) I think that’s cool because familiarity with other characters will help. A scrub like myself only plays Yuki so when I get hit with a lot of stupid shit.


That’s a good point. Whenever strong players seem to be worried about trying out zoning or fireball characters for the first time, I tell them that really, it helps a lot more that you know how other styles play because you will know what your opponent will be trying to do to get to you. Really, zoning at its core is just your knowledge and ability to read your opponent and shutting them down and making them rage (which makes it easier), and that’s actually picked up more by playing rushdown.


Okay, here are some magically basic things.

  1. 5AA, 5BB, 5C, 2C, Agi. Is your most basic combo, however if your opponent is crouching only toss one fan, not two.

  2. Sweep > Boost. I don’t use this often but it’ll work.

  3. If you want to troll your opponent stack up a Fire Break.

3a. If you have a Fire Break and somehow ended up with Lv. 8 boost use Maragidyne C, Maragidyne D, and then Agidyne D for massive damage. Even if it’s not at 8, this will hurt a lot.

  1. If you get a Fatal Counter with 5D, follow up with 5C, 2C, and Agi. You may add an additional Agidyne for +3000 damage.

  2. j.D is your tool for hitting Naoto, Aigis and Elizabeth who can destroy your fans. You can control its landing point with the left and right keys. Follow up with 5C, etc.

  3. If you somehow manage to get an AoA in there, toss-em up and follow up with j.AA, J.C, j.AA, Agi. This will do somewhere in the 2500 range.

  4. If they are in a corner, begin a relentless abuse of 5C, 2C, Agi. Really good pressure if you can get hits in. Also, a lot of people fall for this, especially if they are in the air after the Agi.

  5. Dia is your friend, also you can cancel it into Maragidyne D if you really want to.

  6. You can control fan speed with your left and right keys before you toss.

  7. Sweep > Maragi C works wonders.

  8. If you’re in a corner and landed an Agidyne-D, you can follow up with an additional Agidyne-D for extra damge. If you don’t feel like it, a Maragi will also work (sometimes).

  9. Yukiko is the most fabulous and stylish character, as well as my main. I mean, pink fans of deadly fire, come on!


Random tips:

[]2A is your fastest normal, and lowprofiles a lot of stuff. It’s got decent range and hits low, so it’s your main go-to when you’re up close.
]j.A is really really good. Throwing it out can snuff a lot of Chie and Yosuke approaches a lot of the time.
[]Never throw more than 1 fan (5B) against a crouching opponent. The second fan will whiff crouching and leave you open.
]Practice airdash-back-fan. No, seriously. If you can’t do run-airdashback-fan consistently, it takes away a lot from your game. Fans are important. They can hit low. That said:
[]Don’t spam too many fans. j.B gives you really bad recovery on landing, so a lot of characters can just use moves that eat the fan and hit Yuki on the way down.
]Another way to throw quick fullscreen fans that hit low is to shorthop (2A+C, and do a 6B at the apex of the hop).
[]5AA, 236A (instant release) is a blockstring. Most everything else is not a true blockstring and you can get DP’d out of stuff if you aren’t careful.
]For a lot of matchups, j.D is your friend. You can use it after fan throws to apply more pressure and cover ground as you land. You can also use it to slow your decent and avoid high-pressure situations where you might get airgrabbed or hit by stuff on the way down (Yosuke 2B comes to mind here).
[]Try to confirm off of 5AA. 5A and 5AA are both jump cancellable, so are mostly non-commital. 1/2/3B is also jump cancellable, but will whiff on opponents if you’re too far away. After 5A or 5AA, you can jump cancel into a bunch of stuff (airbackdash fan ; superjump j.1B, j.D, backdash fan ; jumpback, airturn dash ‘backward’ j.A).
]If you’re going for an unblockable Maragi setup, try to finish your first combo with a sweep to force the knockdown. Otherwise they can easily tech and avoid.
[]If your unblockable Maragis keep gettin late-teched, start using SB Agi instead so you can pressure a tech with the first explosion and then detonate the second Agi explosion.
]You can still roll while you have B held down for B Agi/SB Agi. You can use this to create left/right mixups, especially if you use SB Agi and detonate the A as you run towards your opponent.
[]Don’t forget to throw. Yukiko is very good at snagging counterhits with 5A and fans, so it’s easy to forget to mix it up.
]Yuki’s AoA is one of the ‘safer’ ones if done from max range. It’s very slow to come out, though, so don’t do it often against someone that can react easily to it.
[]Cover your 4/5/6Ds with 5/6B fan throws. At max range, 6D, 6B will often catch opponents trying to counterhit the 6D and let you get a free full-screen combo.
]C Maragi is slow to come out, and detonating it with C is often not desirable due to the recovery on C moves. Instead, detonate with C+D (throw whiff) which recovers faster, or 214C (Fire Boost) to build free stocks.
[]Turn on Fire Break more often. Most people just like to save this for unblockable setups that lead to Maragi loops. Turning it on when you have 50 meter or more guarantees damage outside of getting Dead Angled/Bursted as long as you touch your opponent (5AA, 236A, 236236C/D is a true blockstring unblockable). It also tends to get your opponent worried about running into a D Maragi or random fire traps.
]That said, having Firebreak up also gives you an unblockable Maragi loop combo if you have at least 25 Meter (and still will do some damage if you don’t). 5AA, 236A One-More-Burst is an unblockable setup with Fire Break that leads you into whatever combo you want.
[]Yukiko’s IK is one of the better ones to punish telegraphed supers, and is even a viable wakeup option sometimes due to the startup animation being ‘masked’ in what looks like a regular crouch. Just throwing it out there.
]Jump, air-turn, C makes Yuki’s persona extend much further than just doing j.C. This allows you to pressure some opponents more effectively and stuff their approaches (Akihiko is particularly vulnerable to this).
[]Don’t be afraid to Dead Angle (Counter Assault) stuff. Yuki’s normals aren’t exceptional for getting her out of a pickle, so DA is one of the better options she has to get opponents off of her.
]When your Persona is broken, try to end combos with a sweep (2A+B), which is jump-cancellable. Jump after the sweep and do a j.1B. Depending on the opponent’s rise, the fan may create a (somewhat) ambiguous setup where the opponent may try to anticipate blocking your jump attack high, and get hit low by the fan.
[]Anti-airing with 1/2/3B can lead to 236D on Counterhit, which sets you up for big combos. Not advisable against chars with dominant jumpins, though, like Labrys/Slab.
]When close to the corner, you can Dia opponents (B+D) and cause a wallbounce that allows for combo followups if you hit an airborne opponent high enough.
[]Agidyne D does more damage than C, but C allows for easier oki. Your call.
]Watch for rolls on your opponent’s part. Rolls can get a lot of characters out of Yuki’s pressure, and with Yuki’s slow/limited normals, they can be hard to punish if you aren’t watching carefully. This is especially true because only 2A and 2AA can be gatling’d to 5A. 2AAA can only be cancelled into sweep (2A+B), which is a fairly minimal punish. You can also try throwing, but Yuki’s throw range is a bit smaller and slower than a lot of the cast.
[*]Don’t forget to detonate Agi in combos that could kill. It becomes habit to hold the Agi for oki, but if it’ll kill … then do it!
Buncha other stuff that I can’t think of right now.


So, I was in the lab with Yukiko and found a pretty good corner combo.

5AA, 5BB, 5C, 2C, 2B, 5BB, 2B, Sweep, Agi A. It think it does somewhere in the 2800 range, which is pretty good considering Yukiko’s auto combo does half of that. Do not add an Agidyne C, Agidyne D will work, but for some reason C doesn’t.


Agidyne D has much quicker startup than Agidyne C, which is why.


So, what would Yukiko’s answer to rush-down heavy Elizabeth’s be? Thantos’ roar attack makes it invulnerable and destroys much of Yukiko’s options. Right now Dia is the only option I could find but rushdown Elizabeth’s are close enough to counter with Thanatos after your break a card.


Block Elizabeth and react to her 5D (the Persona grab). If she does 2C (the Roar thing), you can hit the Persona after you block it. Just be wary if she has meter (and she almost always does) because Liz players can try to bait you into hitting the Persona and instead OMC the 2C and go straight into another move. If Liz opponents are close enough to punish something like 5A if you hit the Persona, go for a sweep (2+AB) which recovers faster and is JCable on hit to avoid the typical 5B counterattack.

Really though, the key is to just block and avoid getting grabbed. 5D is telegraphed and can be reacted to, and not many Liz players will risk a walk-up grab unless you’re already cursed. If you can effectively avoid or hit the Persona out of 5D, her mixups become much, much weaker.

This is a match that Yukiko can win at range for the most part. Avoid jumping at Liz, she’ll just 2B you for free.


Yo Ciddypoo I follow your posts on Dustloop all the time haha. Can I join in on your room once in awhile? Don’t know how you feel about connection on East Coast. Players on the West Coast are on and off.


I’m East Coast — I can get some coast-to-coast connections that are playable. Just depends, I guess.

I usually only make 2-capacity rooms cause I like to play extended sets or at least FT10 ;p Otherwise I just join other lobbies. Just message me or something if you wanna play or w/e.


So, does anyone have advice on the Yukiko vs Yosuke matchup?


j.A works well, since most Yosuke’s are always jumping around. An extended (j.A+B, C) works well at controlling space but will often trade or lose if Yosuke pushes a button. One important thing is to use j.D to pause your descent when you’re getting combo’d so you don’t fall onto Yosuke 2B. You’ll have to use it intelligently, along with airdashes and well placed j.Bs to get out of ugly situations like that.

On the ground you’ll really have to learn 2B fan angles so he doesn’t dance all over you. 5A works as a decent anti-air as well, but I wouldn’t try to challenge Yosuke jumpins very often, especially if he’s got speedup.

Learn the timing on punishing Yosuke’s trolly DP. It triggers on projectiles and makes you trip as long as you’re in range, so don’t get too cute with AGI oki all the time. Also be wary of Yosuke with 100 meter when trying to Oki, cause wakeup super is like 3K damage if it hits, more with a burst followup, and it’s OMCable as a get out card. You can also react to the raw super with Dia to get health back if they only have 50 meter.

Tentarafoo (the unblockable) is also something to watch out for. Hop it or be prepared to counterassault if you have meter to shake it off, being mindful of baits. Gold burst works a lot of the time since most Yosukes will want to rush in after jamming your controls up.

And if they troll too hard with Tenta spam (unlikely, but whatever) you can always try to IK them for it.