Friend dilemma

I don’t know if this is the place to post this but I’m going to go for it anyway. I like to play Sagat and Balrog, not because of tiers, I just like the play style. My sparring buddy will not play me when I play these characters because “They are noob characters and I have more faith in you as a player.” I’m really stuck on what to do because he is my only real competition and also my “best” friend so it is fun to play him. This makes it really hard on me to pick a main so I’ve been going back and forth between everyone. Any suggestions?

Sorry about the punctuation, etc. I just woke up.

To hell with him, play who you like. If he won’t fight you, play someone that will.

Maybe you can eventually learn advanced tactics with them and show him how they’re not just “noob characters.”

Out of curiousity, who does he play?

He plays Akuma. He also “has more respect for shotos” lol…

Edit: I do need to add that hes a really good player, he is always one step ahead of me in every game.

If he is your only “real” competition you need to find new people to play asap. People that complain about certain characters usually won’t get very far. They already have a pshycological block in place that will impede progress.

Also, you paid money for the game and you should play it however you see fit.

Sounds like your friend is the noob character to me :slight_smile: Maybe both pick random?

Thanks for the replies, I really like Sagat but to him thats like the worst thing I could do, so I picked Balrog then he says the character is too easy.

Yeah, your friend is a wad. If you absolutely feel you must change, go with Ryu. He’s the closest to Sagat I’d say

Fuck that shit. Don’t compromise. You never hear people using less effective weapons for the sake of fairness. It’s war, fight to win!

I love you’ll.

All your friend can do is stop playing you. When he gets bored, he will deal with your Sagat and Balrog. The only thing at risk here is your “play style” developing. You won’t have anything to show for it later on, except a “friend” that doesn’t like to play against “noob characters”.

Soon you will make new friends and have BETTER competition. Don’t let the guy who has so much “faith” in you hold you back.

Thanks for all the replies, now I’m trying to decide which to main. when I had the SE stick I picked up Balrog and loved him, when the stick broke I picked up Sagat on controller and fell in love with him. Now I have a TE stick and having trouble deciding on which will be better in the long run.

Pick who you like… your friend can nut up and stop hating.

Boxer is a noob character??? Huh…

he says anyone can pick him up and win.

Your friend is horribly mistaken. Even sagat isn’t -that- much better than other people. He has his flaws. He has fantastic come-back potential but if anything, you being a good sagat player will make your friend a better player.

If you like Sagat, play Sagat.

I rock out Guile, for some reason the person I spar with had enormous trouble handling my Guile, once he stepped it up and started matching rounds with me, we ended up eventually having to force a higher level of play back and forth out of each other.

^ That’s (at least I believe) what you want out of a sparring partner, someone who is willing to go head to head over and over and over again only for the sake of improvement. If you play your best as Sagat or Balrog, no question–play sagat or balrog, in the end it’s only beneficial to both of you.

I can really sympathize with you because one of my friends who was my one and only sparring partner used to give me shit for characters/supers/tactics I would use. He actually was a pretty decent player too and the only local person who would play with me.

My advice to you is to first off look into the regional thread area to see what sort of competition you have locally. Unfortunately local for some is not really that local. But who knows maybe there are some players around you that you can go play with semi-regularly. Not too long ago I was driving an hour each way every couple weeks to go play.

Secondly, I know some of the people here are saying don’t compromise at all, but it’s not always that easy. If you love playing SF and your only option is your one friend or the computer you might have to compromise a bit. How much does your friend like playing? If he wants to play as much as you do then he will learn to live with your character choices eventually. If not start playing around with some new characters AS WELL. DON’T GIVE UP YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTERS BECAUSE OF HIM. Simply expand your repertoire by occasionally playing other characters as well. In my experiences being able to play more characters helps you in the long run anyway because you get a better understanding of how to play against those characters.

My two cents…

Play who you want, your friend’s being a bitch.

Of course he wins, you play who he tells you to and not who you want.

Any character can be considered a “noob character.” You could say that all Akuma does is run away and fireball. You could say that Ryu and Ken are easy to learn. It’s absolutely moronic to say he won’t play you because of your character choice.

I’m not sure what he means by “noob character,” but Akuma is towards the top of the Japanese tier lists. If he’s talking about overall strength, he uses a “noob character.”

Tell you what, why don’t you just show him this thread?

that match up for akuma vs gat is even…I like how he cries about you using top tier when he uses top tier himself.

learn el fuerte then… Hardly a noob character, but your friend sounds like someone that once you score a knockdown on, he’ll be easy to keep down… and make the statement that if he uses anyone with a teleport, he’s using a noob character… in fact, tell him that if he is using any character that beats you, he’s using a noob character.