Friend is selling me his SE stick but theres a catch

His PPP and KKK buttons don’t work. Can this be fixed with new buttons or what?

It depends on whether the PCB has a problem or whether the buttons themselves are broken.

quick answer yes its easy to fix, just gotta look if your buttons are the culprit or your pcb

I heard people don’t even use the PPP and KKK buttons. Do you use them?

how much hes selling it for?

Depends on the player but if you really want to have an authentic arcade feel you’ll just plug those PPP and KKK buttons

50 dollars.

not worth it

just save 20 more dollars and buy one that works and is brand new.

You don’t need the PPP and KKK buttons. Just tap all three punches or all three kicks at the same time. That’s all there is to it. The only reason I haven’t plugged mine up is because I like the look of eight buttons better and I use them to navigate menus - which is something you could to with a normal controller

Truth is spoken, do it.

you can find a brand new one on craigslist for 50. id say ask him to lower it to 35 - 40 and id go for it.

he’s selling you an SE that doesnt work 100% for $50? i wouldnt call that guy a “friend.” its only 62.99 on amazon.

if i were you the MOST id pay for that would be $30, (cause its used, not functioning properly, and you need to take a “buddy” discount) but knowing my friends if they didnt want it anymore theyd just prolly leave it at my place as a spare anyway. its up to you but its way overpriced imo

Yeah not worth it, lets say you spend another 10 to 15 bucks to fix it, that is if you want the PPP and KKK buttons. That means you will be spending 65 bucks plus the time you will be putting in, not that its hard or anything, to get it the way you want it. Or you can look around the internet and find one for 50 clams brand new. If it was up to me I would Jew him down to 30 like joey said. Up to you boss.

Tell him you wanted it for cheaper, like $40 then it’d be worth it in my opinion. Either way you don’t really need, or should ever use those buttons anyway unless you plan to play other games using it.

btw, are you the guy who beat DSP?

haha, I believe he did: [media=youtube]Vl70bnMSmW4[/media]

$50 for a 100% working used SE stick is a bit much. Haggle that shit down to $30.

lol, I love his videos. When he wins, it’s because the other person is a scrub. When he loses, it’s ALWAYS because of shitty online lag.

I was laughing during the entire video. I don’t understand how anyone can try to block low and jump backwards by mistake.

Eh, DSP’s latest video is him talking about how a friend of his won an online tournament by going home and not using DSP’s horrible connection. Besides, he says this again and again on his videos - he never regards online play as real SF4 action, he only does it because he gets constant requests for it.

He has far better playthroughs than a whole bunch of other youtubers too - he’s honest and is usually on the funny side of crass. DSP ftw.