Friend Throws me all the time!

First off,great information on Abel on here since I started playing him.
I’ll get to the real reason.I usually beat a friend of mine who plays both ken and ryu alot but when he starts to lose he spams throws like a motherfucker.Sometimes I can tech, others not so well.He usually does a series of jabs and shorts then throws.Am I stuck in a block stun ? It frustrates the shit out of me ! I play dhalsim as well and seem to tech his throws more frequently then I play with abel.
Sometimes i can roll away after the knock down but others he throws me out of the roll abel has.Its just a pain in the ass.
I appreciate everyones input.

learn to crouch tech, hold downback and hit lk/lp just after every jab but just b4 the next jab, that way u stay in blockstun but if he breaks the blockstring to throw u, ur teching

you’re the man j.i thought for awhile i was stuck in a block stun and i guess i was right.i find myself panicing alot during those series of jabs and shorts from him and take alot of damage in the process.i know throws are a part of the game,specially with a character like abel but i think its alittle excessive.THANKS !!!

Also are you playing online? Playing online your reactions take a connection hit so you’re mostly playing by patterns. (which is why you get a lot of players obsessed with mix ups.) Play next to someone and teching becomes easy as pie.

B/W and I’m not posting this to be mean but:

Also keep in mind that tornado throw (non-ex version) is throw invincible. If your friend really get’s that predictable you can bust out a hp,TT in his face and it’ll beat his throw clean. That’s better than a tech cause it does a ton of damage. Of course, if he sees it coming he can punish you so do it sparingly.

I can sometimes land ex TT on him although not normally.As soon as he scores a knockdown he does the block string and sets me into a block stun and to make it worse its not online.chris hu would probably kill me if he knew i couldnt tech throws consistently.Or call me a fucking scrub in broken english.
Thanks for the input aaron I appreciate it.

iirc EX TT is not throw immune, only poke immune.

I’m sure by now your friend has a block string pattern. Him being predictable is plus for you.

You can buffer ex TT during his block string, so if he misses a link ex TT will come out and beat his next poke clean, because ex throw is immune to pokes(but pokes only, not throws). But most importantly learn how to crouch tech like the man said earlier. Or even regular TT which beats out throws.

Also try to not be in position to get hit by a block string or even get knocked down. Change your strategy up to not put yourself in bad situations.

My friend fucking tick-throws me all the time and its so annoying. I see it coming almost everytime but I react too fast and try to tech too early, that makes my come out and then I get thrown because I mistimed it.

               yea he does the same to me.after the knockdown he does the jabs and shorts and i panic and try to jump away and take damage,albeit not alot of damage but enough.or i'll try to roll out of it and he'll throw me.what exactly is a tick throw ? i've missed  tech and ended up getting combo'd or taking even more damage all trying to avoid the damn thing

A tick throw is what your friend is doing to you. Fast moves followed by throws. lp,lp,throw…etc. Calm down and just block after the knockdown. Roll is only good to use sparingly. After you learn crouch teching or just figure out his pattern and TT him all over the place for being predictable he should get the message.