Friend with attitude problem hindering his development - SF4

So yeah, got a mate who’s practically my only opposition in my area. The problem he’s got is that he always blames his opponent when he loses. We’re both around average level, me being a little better winning something like 60-70% of matches. With SSF4 on its way it would be nice if he could get over this already and start looking to fix the problems with his game when he loses match after match to “scrubs” online. (Yes online sucks but when you’ve played only each other for as long as we have it’s nice with new opponents)

For instance, say he’s up against a Ken or Ryu or Sagat who does basically nothing but fireballs, jump-in roundhouse, standing fierce, dp and throws. This is no problem for me to deal with, or basically any simple pattern player but he almost always get sloppy or cracks and gets beat. Whenever this happens he throws a small tantrum and whines that “that’s all he can do, the fucking scrub/moron/idiot” or “holy fuck he’s bad” and moves on to the next opponent and next tantrum.

Am I seriously over-reacting here? Cause I’m getting pretty sick of hearing it. To me, the general rule of thumb is, if you get beat, the guy who beat you was better that time, after all, his life bar isn’t empty. If these “scrubs” are such morons how is it that they could beat me? Learn, adjust and adapt and don’t fall for stupid shit.

Alright, I’ve vented, any comments? Flames? Ignore me? Nonsensical stuff but it’s been bugging me for a long time now.


Punch him in the mouth.

Then tell him to man up and stop blaming other shit on his loses.

Tell him “You lost, you did something wrong. Get yo shit together!”

Seriously, just tell him to realize that he needs to get better, to realize that everything you do can be countered, and to keep his emotions under control while playing. If he hounds you down for saying it, you tried being a friend.

Yea, you’re rite. It’s hard tho to get pass yourself and learn how to fight. Also, he might just really be frustrated because he hasn’t learned yet to beat the “scrub” stuff, which i still have problems with online. So don’t write him off yet, just be patient and if you know how to beat something, just show him and practice this with him. This will also help you get your stuff 100%, cause we all need it.

tell him to just disconnect on them before he has an ulcer.

Playing online caters more to scrubs because they can get away with their scrub tactics due to the lag. Tell him to make some friends and play people offline.

he needs his ass kicked…I couldnt be around someone like that…tell him to calm the fuck down…if he is your only competition then maybe you should find another game that more people enjoy to…

Yeah, it’s alot of this since he insists on using stuff like rufus’ shorts and dive kicks all the time. Now I main Gouken, I don’t have a fancy, quick, solid reversal. What I got is EX tatsu and you really don’t want to mash that out. Online, all the “scrubs” play Ryu, Ken or Sagat as we all know, and they keep mashing out that reversal dp which is followed by a laugh and “man he sucks” while I’m like, dude, you knew he was gonna do that, why didn’t you just bait it with 2 shorts, blocked and punished?

However, with the playtime against each other at either his or my place, taking turns online cause it’s fun to play with someone, or solo online at our respective apartments, we each got somewhere along the lines of 500 hours played. I don’t have problems with anyone who isn’t good unless I have a complete brainfreeze.

We would and we try but there aren’t any as we live in a small town in Sweden. We might find someone if we go for a half-hour drive to a bigger city but we’re kinda at a loss about where to look :stuck_out_tongue:
edit: Besides, I don’t really have a problem with lag, sitting on a 100 mbit down/10 mbit up connection and I only take 4 or 5-bar matches, mate’s got a 100/100 line.

You might want to spend some time looking into this. Me and a couple friends make a 45-minute commute fairly regularly and it’s TOTALLY worth it.

Play him and beat him using ONLY unsafe moves.

This should make it evident to him that it’s him not playing smart enough.

tell him to cowboy the fuck up and stop running into the rape

Gotta swallow his pride and accept defeat.
I’m not good as I thought as I was and I’m still learning.
Maybe if he watches a couple of matches, its possible that he can better himself.

you’d be surprised how many people play like this. I’ve witnessed it SO many times that I’ve basically gotten rid of that way of thinking. I used to say things like that but it wasn’t until I saw someone other than myself do it that I had a chance to see what I looked like, basically a fucking idiot. Now I stay as calm as possible and use every second to analyze whats going on.

Some people never get over this hurdle however and if a player can’t get over this, they’ll never be good.

Use your brain power to figure out how to get better and improve your game, don’t use your brain to pump out salty comments that will only make you worse plus make you look like a whiny bitch.

My best friend plays like this, it’s fucking annoying, I’ve resorted to hardly even playing with him anymore because when a pad gets thrown across the room when it’s 39-13 my way, the person sucks, and needs to get their shit together and quit bitching.

One of my friends is the same way in Fifa 10, kinda like DSP. Keep beating his ass down worse and worse Hopefully then he’ll realize his childish ways… hopefully.

All I can say from playing a lot of online matches is that lag can also be frustrating and could be part of his problem… SF4 netcode isn’t the greatest thing and sometimes you could get beat by scrubs just from pure lag luck.

Now if he is fighting with good latency and losing against the ‘scrubs’ and complaining… then slap him across the face.

It’s about learning humility which can honestly be applied to many things in life. Is really sounds like your friend has too much of an egotistical approach to Street Fighter… Which normally is great- if you’re Justin Wong. But the truth is he’s not, he is at the bottom of the barrel, and the only way he’s going to improve his game is if he WANTS to get better, first, by admitting he’s not very good and is losing to his opponents.

Personally, I think you need to have a talk with your friend if you honestly care about him. This seriously isn’t just about street fighter but could be about how he approaches other problems in his life. When faced with a challenge what does your friend do? What about school? Is he the type who would study every single day for a test and pass it with and A? Or just say “Fuck it I’m winging it” and cram the night before and try for the best? I’m going to guess it’s the cramming. Which really just shows a lack of patience and unwillingness to take his time and learn. I could be mistaken with that example, but, I hope you get the point I’m trying to make with all this, either way you really do need to make the point to him that he needs to take a step back and a chill a bit because he’s definitely not proving himself to anyone, especially not you, by saying the things he does about the people he loses to online.

Street Fighter is life, yo.

I got a buddy who does the same thing. It’s hard to approach it because he’s your bro, but honestly, sometimes you just gotta serve your friends with a big dose of truth.

Last time our conversation went something like: “Buddy, easy on the hardware. Boy this spaz technique is working out real well for you isn’t it?” I don’t know if it’ll work, some people are programmed to just get angry and say ‘fuck it’ to challenges, but as Kooper alluded to, this could literally represent how he deals with the same shit in life and may just be fucking it up all over the place. You gotta get the message to sink in before he can actually elevate his game to be real competition. If not then you just gotta focus on your own game since you already have the capacity to get better.

By the by, if the controller gets tossed, friend or not, give him a shot right to the solar plexus. There’s a global, unwritten code amongst gamers that there is no abuse of anyone’s hardware unless it’s your own.

I used to be like that, getting mad at the other person. I’ve lightened up a lot, so it doesn’t happen to that degree anymore, if at all. I never broke controllers or threw them though. It does get pretty damn irritating to hear the whining all the time. I get irritated that I whine that much too. I think branching out to other things and taking breaks help a lot.

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