Friendly advice?

**So, I’ve been playing SSFIV: AE, started near the end of January. Spent most of Feb. just doing training mode, fighting the computer and completing the trials. However, online I seem to get beat by people who just spam a high priority jump, in or some cheap ass move and it’s rather frustrating, especially when someone is just mashing the living shit out of jab and using special moves and win…maybe I’m not very good…I can cancel jab into HHS pretty good, I’m getting better at FADC my HHS into a Ochio somewhat. Just things that I’ve seen here and in videos that seem to be effective. It seems I beat more people just spamming sumo splash like a moron than actually trying to read their tendencies, spacing, poking…all that jazz. Maybe I’m just really bad or havent been playing long enough…?

Would anyone give some advice on how to learn the game better? Or…better yet if you have Xbox Live, could possibly add me and just help me learn a few things…maybe things to watch out for vs certain characters or something? Or fight me and just tell me how bad I am and what to work on/how lol…

Gamertag: Mostly Three

Any and all advice appreciated, thanks in advance!

edit: Just to give some idea of how I play (for critique), and I’m not entirely sure if you’re supposed to play Honda this way (maybe not so much?) but I will sit and try to see how my opponent will play, and try to counter it accordingly. I’m not really into doing too much. I’ve won numerous fights by letting the timer run out with a life lead. Depending on the matchup I will switch it up some rounds and try to go for Ochio’s and the typical bread 'n butter HHS combo. But in some cases vs characters like Ibuki, Sakura, Akuma, etc. they just keep up a relentless assault and I really cant see any holes in it and then on a knock down I can’t really do much but use EX and hope I guess right but even then its the same thing over again…maybe I’m not doing something right ;_;**

The number 1 thing you need to do in SF4 is be able to Anti Air. If a guy jumps at you? That’s free damage. Go online and play matches focusing only on using ex headbutt and getting your damage every time someone jumps in. Once you have that working? Try for the slower, less invincible jab headbutt. After you’ve gotten your headbutts to work you’ll probably be able to see where some of your opponents jumps are harder to beat. At this point try figuring out when to use situational AAs like chop, close fierce, jump back fierce/roundhouse, neutral jump fierce/roundhouse/strong.

After that, worry about a big punish combo. Once you have both of these things down? Then it’s time to figure out how to get your damage in from someone who doesn’t jump and isn’t doing stupidly risky things.

**Gotcha, AA seems to be the only thing I didn’t practice in training mode and is a major weakness of mine. Most critique that I’ve gotten is “you need to stop letting me jump in for free” so I think I’ll have to find someone to practice that with. I’m probably trying to do the fancy stuff too fast vs actually starting from square one X_X

Thanks for the tips!

Sorry for double post (if this is against the rules my apologies) I have gotten much much better in the short time I’ve been playing this game…but whenever I fight a good Seth player it’s like almost humiliating how bad I lose. Any suggestions for fighting them? The troll ones I can handle but I feel like a training dummy when I fight people who know what they are doing with Seth…>.<

The problem with Seth is that Honda has trouble reliably keeping him out with his usual Anti Air moves. Seth can hault his midair trajectory with his dive kicks causing ex headbutts to, not only not hit Seth, but give him a ground combo on Honda instead. After Honda is knocked down, he has to face setups that you have to block because he will beat all of your reversals.

The way around Seth’s nonsense is to avoid the scenario altogether. Become more familiar with the angles Seth jumps from, and learn to anti air with neutral jump fierce, nj strong, jump forward strong, jump back roundhouse, and simply walking backward to get out of his range. AA Butt drops are really good as well from some angles. Stopping Seth is quite different from stopping other characters, but Honda’s goal is the same: don’t let him get in on you, punish him for trying to get in, and stop him from being able to play his game against you.

**How important is Ochio to the offensive game? I’m still working on the basics and I’m actually learning to bait things and play lame (working on footsies too) but any tips on where to get started with setting up things with Ochio? And maybe even some general cross-up tricks? I’ve pushed opponents to the corner but need to do better at keeping them there and baiting out reactions which is mostly just learning the match-ups I assume.


Oicho throw comes in play when you actually mindfuck your opponent and make him block everything. This comes easily with landing a few HHS bnbs, denying neutral jumping with, ex. headbutting their wakeup (risky)… Look at how SteveO uses it for example. He scares opponents into block and BAM walk up oicho.
Also you would be surprised how often crossup mk->oicho works.

**Ah…never really thought of doing that haha. I normally just used (after hands) standing roundhouse and used sumo splash to catch back jumps or standing fierce to stuff jump-ins. I just tired this and it works beautifully once your opponent expects a roundhouse or something totally different. I obviously dont Ochio enough >.<

I kinda wish U2 was 720…the quater circles feel so awkward to do after FADC and usually EX Ochio comes out :confused:
I guess I need more practice with my Ochio motions. **

I wouldn’t even bother with U2 if you land a focus crumple on a fei long rekka or something like that, you can land U1 anyway… i just think U2 does a bit more damage i just dont have the inputs down well enough so i dont bother its just easier to whiff.

sounds like your gameplan is good, i do a lot of neutral jumps because i am very familiar with the spacing and i stay just outside of attack range it is a great way to bait people to coming to you and playing in to your game. knowing which headbutts are safe is important, and knowing how to use them as pokes is as well, keeping people from walking forward is key. great trick is lp headbutt then if they block it do EX right away, so many people dash forward or try and punish it and can’t. vs cammy you can MP headbutt and its hard to tell if you used mp or HP so she will cannon drill you and it wont get punished… free HHS! punishing with cr LP HHS is super important obviously, anti airing with st HP is not super important because there are very few times you will use it but it can make you a lot better. honda has one of the easiest anti-airs in the game (EX headbutt) so make sure you aren’t allowing shit for jump ins… use your st FP for divekicks, air tatsus, cammy ball gimmick, guy flip (altho ex headbutt is fine) basically anything with weird timings or trajectories. ST HK is great but needs to be used sparingly as it will get blown up by a lot of people, it has horrible recovery. it’s great at catching people walk forward and is a bit safer than a headbutt (not much) and hits low which is nice and does tons of damage. make sure you know how to jump in with different buttons, FP for far away, MP beats SO MANY standing normals and air-to-airs, and HK for damage (mp and HK are very similar ranges HK is a bit further back though) and MK for crossup of course.

learning wakeup bullshit is an absolute necessity as majority of the cast is going to have safe jump options against honda (every cross-up must be blocked honda has no way to blow up crossups if timed right) and also off the top of my head all shotos, cody, all dive kicks, dudley, guy, ibuki, Zangief, theres definitely more im not thinking of… anyway, they all have safe jumps against honda in front on wakeup. so ex-headbutt doesn’t auto-win neither does buttslam.

to be honest i hardly ever use oicho or buttslam. i use wakeup buttslam when I don’t have EX meter and I am 100% sure they are trying to throw me, i use it to catch certain people in the corner only who have a tendency to jump back, and in that case its only EX, and I use it against cody on wakeup if he doesn’t jump (meaning he is going for ex zonk which ex headbutt won’t beat) it is a really unsafe move and is the reason i lose a lot of my matches. it is a really bad habit of mine, but when im playing well ^those are the only times i use it. def dont use it against anyone with a command grab or anyone with 3 frame startups cuase they can punish it on block.

oicho HHS - focus gimmick, if i were you i’d just stop doing it alltogether. like even the newest people to the game are wise to that now, no one falls for it anymore. it is a huge waste of meter. If you are going to do it, do a HHS->HHS (only works on certain characters) and on hit only cancel the 2nd hands for an oicho reset. The only other time i use it is like blueberry said crossup mk oicho or better crossup mk, cr lk tick oicho (on wakeup most people are wise to it and can blow you up) when vega wall dives or honda buttslams you can FADC oicho. it also works great when they are in the corner although i still dont usually use it because i dont like to give up the corner, i usually do 2 HHS pokes and if they haven’t jumped yet i will FADC forward oicho or forward throw. one last use that i have found is if you land a NJ Fierce on someone who is standing you basically get a free oicho from hitstun if you are close enough. FADC cr MKs from most of the cast CAN work but if they space it right you won’t be close enough cause hondas dash is so short which is annoying.

**Normally I FADC into Ochio when they block it and a gut feeling will just hit me saying, FADC and grab them…b/c most matcups the meter is just too important. I’ve only legit landed U2 vs a Balrog player and that was because he was trying to chip me to death with EX overhead punch (or whatever). (Funny thing is, he was highly ranked and turned his Xbox off when I grabbed him to prevent me from getting like 100 player points heh) I guess I’ll just continue to fill other holes in my game instead of worrying about U2…it’s almost useless. Only matchup I’m comfortable with using is is the above mentioned…I would love to learn some gimmicks to use when fighting Guile and Dee Jay though…but I’ve caught both with U1 (EX Boom reads).

edit: Also, there have been times (though it’s a huge waste of meter if it doesn’t work) where I’ve used hands then FADC and did nothing (or NJ) to bait reactions for a punish. I should try hands > FADC > hands sometimes to mix it up. Usually, I’ll try to do certain things on purpose to have my opponent thinking I have certain tendencies only to surprise them when the match is on the line. As far as Sumo Splash, I normally find myself using EX to escape corners, catching back jumps, and vs Cammy players that abuse Spiral since other methods of anti-air doesn’t seem to work too well…I should try that idea about using it on wakup when I feel like a throw is coming though. Sometimes I get smacked by an overhead when I try to tech and I hate that lol. I’ve really been trying to get used to NOT mashing anything on wakeup. (Horrible habit) I’ve been researching safe jumps and now I’m just getting hip to good players making me waste an EX Headbutt with that >.<

Right now, I’ve began playing much more careful opponents and having trouble with Mokoto and Chun-Li. I also crack sometimes vs Adon players who just spam jumping short back and forth like 20x ;/ …I understand Honda isn’t the best character in the game but that actually gets me salty.

I’ve tried numerous tactics vs Mokoto…and the person doesn’t even have to be that good of a player and still beat me convincingly sometimes…I fought a tournament Mokoto to get some experience vs her and the guy kept whiffing a normal and it stuffed EVERYTHING I did (not sure which one it was…I’m going assume standing fierce)…I tried to footsie and work my way in or find an opening. Jump in = anti-air…and trying to get a standing roundhouse I’d eat a big punish…if I turtled he’d just eat me alive by pushing me into the corner and applying pressure. Most of my damage came from stuffing his offense with crouching jabs. Not really sure how to approach her…

Same for good Chun-Li players (the ones that dont just use fireball -> walk -> overhead kick/sweep). It’s usually that floaty cross up attack she does and some kinda overhead or something when she jumps in and it hits me even when I’m blocking and I eat a huge combo. I rarely fight very good ones but the ones that I do fight that are really good kinda throw me off causing me to have a bad match.

And the Adon’s that spam jumping short can eat a dick. Would anyone have any advice for that…and divekick spammers? That’s so annoying. I try to keep them out and stop them from doing it but in Adon’s case, it’s like he can whiff specials all day and I can’t really punish unless it’s a read.
Usually if they’re just trolling or not a good player I can deal with them…but the people that really know the game and know how to abuse it vs me can be very difficult to deal with…

Not sure if these are unfavorable matcups or I’m just not that good lol.**