Friendly Challenge To NHC From WHC!


This is a Friendly Challenge to the Number one crew in Street fighter NHC! This is the most anticipated battle in Street Fighter History! When WithHonorCrew Meets NoHonorCrew!!

The Date: January 4th, 2011
The Time: 10:00 P.M ( Eastern)
Style Of Play: 10 on 10 East Coast Vs West Coast Rules ( which i will describe to you if you do not remember)
Banned: Akuma and Turbo
Game Speed: 3

For the Past Year That With Honor Crew came into SF there has been some problems between some of the members in both crews. But this Is a FRIENDLY CHALLENGE! There has been alot of times when people have said “Lets do WHC vs NHC” but we always felt like we werent ready to go against you guys. We are still not ready but it will be fun!

East Coast vs West Coast Rules:

This doesnt mean east coast members vs west coast members…i will explain what this means…About a Year ago i held a tournament called " East Coast Vs West Coast" and it was ran like this:

-10 on 10
-A player would start off and keep going until he is defeated
-it will be 2 out of 3 rounds and 2 out of 3 games each game
-Winner Must stick To character
-Once you have been defeated you are eliminated and the next player will go for your team and so on and so forth

There Will Be 2 Chat Rooms One for NHC and one for WHC…Sliphole79 Will be in NHC’s Chat Room and NHC’s Team Captain will have access to WHC’s Chat Room. Because this is such an anticipated tournament we would prefer a TOP NHC MEMBER AS CAPTAIN( MisterEgoTrip, Hadouken696969, DjReign, DjMassif, or Rice247 or on that caliber of them because they are TOP members of NHC) At 9:45 P.M Sliphole will message NHC’s Team Captain to ask If they have Their team order ready. SlipHole will already have our team order ready at 9: 45 P.M. As Soon as NHC’s Captain says they have their order ready to send they will each send each other our players order AT THE SAME TIME!! You will then have 15 Minutes to gear up your crew because this tournament will start at 10 P.M SHARP!! We Are doing this to prevent Counter Picking Order and any Problems that may occur from this!

Please Only Have Your 10 Crew members in the Chat room only! Please No outsiders This will just make it easier for both crews!! This is Gunna be talked about all over SF, all over SRK, all over everywhere! THIS IS THE BATTLE EVERYONE WAS WAITING TO SEE!

Please Be reminded this is a FRIENDLY challenge from SlipHole79 And Vegas_HunnyBunny to the Number 1 Crew In Street Fighter NHC!! Guys Lets Make this happen!

Any Questions You can either Message SlipHole79 on PSN or message on here!

NoHonorCrew :amazed:

WithHonorCrew :arazz:


this will be good if EST_1991_ enters iv always thought he could wipe you all out lol


how could you no if he could take us all out if you dont no anyone past the first 8. LMAO… a years a long time.


I didn’t even know WHC had a 10-man roster. It’ll be interesting to see what recruits you’ve got up your sleeve VBunny. NHC better come co-rrect with the lineup. Let the battle begin! :nunchuck:


Hado King, Vegas will use some of his various alternate accounts to pad the WHC roster. HA!

Question: are we operating under Bizarro World Rules? You know, the first one to quit/hatemail wins? If that’s the case, we will probably have the quickest tournament in the history of HDR. NHC: be sure to keep your hands close to the power button when the round starts.

Ha! Couldn’t resist.


LMAO! Kaos listen u come on here talking shit like you think u know it all…from what i remember u ragequit on me every time we play so shut your mouth right there…2nd its pretty funny how u wont even do this tournament cuz u know ill smack your ass right down to the floor…and i have 2 account asshole so get your facts straight before u open your mouth before i shut it for you…oh thaqts right i cant even do that cuz ur too SCARED TO PLAY ME!! just like your bitch friend alpha i smack you guys around like dogs everytime i play u thats why u guys LEAVE EVERY GAME! HAHA! and hado we have alot of guys actually and idk if your being sarcastic or are trash talking but it better not be trash cuz if it is you better keep your mouth closed cuz you dont have much wins over me as well if u have any…you guys think your the best team in F WELL PROVE IT OR KEEP TALKING THE SHIT CUZ U KNOW U CANT BACK IT UP!


I don’t think this will actually happen but if it does I’ll offer up my services to the NHC if I’m deemed worthy. It sounds like fun.


I’ll play, if needed.


I find this extremely funny. You actually had the audacity to post something like this? Just the other day, you ragequit on me twice. I’m pretty sure I would have got hatemail, but I blocked you from incoming messages. I think you really need to wake up and realize that you ain’t shit, your crew ain’t shit, and we have proven this over and over, AND over again. Face it. You are not as good as you think you are, and neither is your crew. And as far as us talking shit and not backing it up? I think you have us confused with yourself, for we have said nothing of the sort. The ones that did say something, acted on their own accord.

Now, I, for one, have no interest in participating in this nonsense since the result never change. I’m not saying I’m backing out, I just got better things to do other than fighting some ragequitting chump who tries to talk all big and bad to some of these cats, but when someone comes in and beats that ass as I have done numerous times, you can’t say nothing.

To NHC members: I know it says 10 v 10, but to be honest, I think we only need about 3 or 4 people to take care of these clowns. You can talk amongst yourselves if you want to participate in this. Madpossum can take my place if he wants to.

@Pacquiao: Actually, that challenge is now invalid. It appears that one of the AOD members (Lyghts Out) was using turbo. And since RoyalPhlush is no longer with AOD, who knows what will happen with those guys now.


LOL reign stfu your a pussy and NO ONE ON SF LIKES YOU! your LITTLE BITCH who cries every time u lose and has an excuse! stfu bitch and backing out? HAHA! your a little whinning bitch that should be banned from SF for BEING THE BIGGEST CRYBABY IN SF! and ragequit on you? hmmm paybacks a bitch aint it scrub? and if u need 3 guys to do it? then do it pussy! ohhh thats right your too scared to play us! HAHAHA! regin get over your self ill make one call and you and your street fighter record will be shot to shit! you keep crying pussy…u dont even deserve to be part of NHC! your a crying little girl and needs to learn how to take it that its a VIDEO GAME! AND last time i checked i knocked your bitch ass into the loser bracket last tournament and if i can remember u said " omg ur lucky and you know it" LOL i beat your ass 2-0 stfu bitch u aint as good as you think! so do me a favor take you and your nhc PUSSBAGS reputation and shove it up your asses! cuz theres only one man im afriad of in your crew and its hadouken696969 thats it all you other scrubs aint shit! so do me a favor go cry in a corner and complain som e more reign…LOL PUSSY!


LOL, I kinda figured this would happen. I’m not getting into the drama (Kaos and Reign and everyone else in the NHC can more than take care of them selves) I was just looking for some games, LOL.

Another thing about the AOD vs NHC thing, I wasn’t able to play, so you have to consider that. LOL. JK.

Vega madness- I don’t know if you made any good points or not in your posts, no one is going to read them when it’s just one, big, block of text like that. Paragraphs man! LOL.


OK. this is going well. this was just supposed to be a friendly battle. holy shit. KAOS, you came in talking shit man. everyone nos the only beef that NHC and WHC has is between KAOS and vegas. if you guys would just battle and get it over with and record it it would be over. no rage wuitting, no hate mail, just a battle with a gg at the end for everyone to see. but this shit talking didnt have to start.
reign, i dont no why u have to get off in this. i have no beef with anybody, but dude… ive SEEN YOU WITH MY OWN EYES rage quit. who cares. it wouldnt be a complete battle if we didnt get to try to knock out dj reign. I NO 1 MEMBER THAT BEATS HIM EVERY TIME HE PLAYS UM…LOL. he nos who it is. well… hell be there… matter of fact he was looking forward to playing you where it counts for everyone to see. this would be a perfect opportunity for you to singe handedly destroy most of our top members. why you would pass it up…hmmm. you could go 1st and take care of bussines. all youd have to do is beat the 1st guy to get to him. and that wont be a walk in the then he goes second. i already have the order. now with everyone reading this, youll almost HAVE to go first. but if you dont want to play, thats cool. out of 100 guy, like 70 of them are top teer. shore they can replace you.
hope anymore hate messages can stop. again its just a friendly battle. we no you guys have a lot more better players total than us. but so many members have messaged me asking me for a friendy battle and ive told them we will one day. now we do this and it turns into this shit. please, if you have something negative to say, do it on another post. lets just have this tournament and have ggs.



Before I begin…sliphole… you don’t get to sit there trying to harp a reaction out of DJR and then turn around and say you don’t want to hear anymore Shit talkin on the thread from anyone else. Talk about a foot-in-mouth moment. That’s like trollin all day then saying “I’d better not see anyone else trollin.” F-A-I-L

Vbunny: I actually wasn’t trying to be sarcastic. I’m dead serious and curious about who you’ve recruited besides enforcer. That being said, the fact that you chose to shit-talk me under that pretense is fucking petty. Put me on the roster for NHC and we’ll let the fighting speak for itself.

NHC: I’m hopin ya’ll will take this challenge up and settle the rivalry. That’s what the crews/clans are about anyway. Whether you care about proving a point or not, it’s something to do and keeps the scene fresh. Let’s do this shit already. All in all I agree with turning the volume down on this chatter and saving the shit talking for AFTER the fact at least. Especially you Vbunny. Claiming to host a friendly tournament then trollin on the very same thread cuz you caught feelings from KAO’s post!? It’s undignified man, focus on managing the tournament instead. Might also want to look into anger management while you’re at it…

sidenote: Phlush already acknowledged the botched battle considering the events exposing Lyghts’ turbo use and already offered NHC a rematch. He may not be with AOD anymore but he, Cvital, snakeeyez, megaman3d and Exposed D are still rollin together in a new crew. So yea…just putting that out there. He’d be down for a rematch.


I take it Sliphole and Vegas Hunny Bunny are the same person? Same giant block of text without proper punctuation. Only played “their” Vegas a couple of times. I’m a little behind on all the drama, LOL.


if they put you in it will be a total waste for nhc. you cant even beat me or vegas. more shit talk.


sorry pos, if we meet you get my honda to yours. lol.




this aint ever gonna happen, i mean seriously yall already arguing its pointless, we r NHC right? we dont give a fuck or anything ok. and your WHC u guys fight with honour LMAO slip hole said he hopes i die of a brain tumour no honour, vegas always ragequits no honour, blainbishop has had his fair share of beef on here no honour, and u above ^ invite me anytime u fucking fairy u talk a good game. N-H-C rule SS2THDR and 4ever will


hey solid, im not goint to go back and forth with ya here, but the continuous shit you said over and over to me after i wouldnt let you back in the crew was pretty harsh. your lucky thats all i said.

hey just for shits and giggles, hey solid remember when after talking so much shit we met in the biggest tournament of the year, hadukens, and with all your skill, playing behind ALL THAT LAG, i completely wipped your ass? LMAO. OOOO man…that was great. and that was…pure honor. lol. but hey, im just rememberin good times.


Sliphole and Vegas are very different people. I played in a room with both of them the other day. Sliphole didn’t say much the whole time, but Vegas was raging and calling BS on everything I did that worked while sending me hatemail every other match. Afterwards I sent them both a message saying “ggs, even if you didn’t think so.” and got ggs back from both of them, so I figured we were cool. Then the next time I see Vegas on scoreboard, rq and hate mail.

Also, I don’t know if this guy is actually in your group, but there is a guy called WHC_RedCyclone or something like that who plays Claw and will send hatemail the first round you beat him, and then rq after the 3rd.

Sliphole, I’m totally cool with you, but if you want people to accept the “With Honor Crew,” you need to make sure your crew actually acts the part. Your guys are good and I wouldn’t put any of the ones I know of any lower than myself, but some of them need to act a bit more reasonable. I’m sure you would have gotten a lot more positive response if you had posted this instead of Vegas.

Also, I’d be up for this if I can finally get that full official invite to NHC and it seems like it’s going to be a fully legit challenge instead of the hate fest that it seems like it’s going to turn out being.

EDIT: Nevermind that last paragraph, I have to pick up someone at the airport 11 minutes before that.