Friendly neighborhood player dont know what to work on! (delete please)


I am really sorry i didnt see the thread especially for this D: can someone delete this please?

[s]Hello everyone!

First off,id like to say that i really like watching/reading guide about the game and go into training to polish my skills.
Lately i have been practicing alot of hit-confirm as i found out that i was doing alot of really not safe combo when people was blocking.
I seems that i lose alot of game beacuse i have problem positioning/get in range to do moves to start my combo’s and i honestly dont know how to practice that.
If it could help i have a video of a game i just played this morning againts a ryu (nice game btw ^^)
(dont know how to put the video in the post so here’s the link :stuck_out_tongue: )

Any form of help is really appreciated.

Good sparring people![/s]