Friends artwork

im pushing my friend to sign up on srk so im gonna put some of his artwork on here

he does alotta ink work

heres a few pictures of art he’s done for bands along with a vega picture thats a few years old

and his vega art

thoughts? criticism?

he’ll post here soon

i love inked drawings and this guy’s pretty good. i like the first pic the best. the vega looks cool but he looks a little off proportion wise. for example, his torso looks too small compared to the size of his head and the size of his hands. still looks great

Thanks for the kind words, Poot. That Vega drawing was done a good year before I took formal life-drawing classes and learned proper/realistic proportions and body positioning, which is also evident in this Ken drawing I did around the same time:

I’m afraid what Gasp posted above is all I have that is somewhat recent. I’ll post more when I start drawing Street Fighter characters again.

^ let it go Rabid. he’s here now.

this looks promising.

i edited it immediately to say nothing. is it still showing up otherwise?

BTW to the artist…that zombie one on top is beyond awesome.

The non streetfighter stuff is awesome!

i agree with some of the users here. your street fighter stuff looks a little forced. your other pieces look really amazing though. there’s a nice sense of black spotting on all the pieces.

hopefully your future street fighter pieces will look stronger after the life drawing courses.
i’m looking forward to it.