Friends bailed on me.. looking to hang out with someone. :(


Super sad sob story… My friends bailed out on me at the very last second and now I’m here with my thumb up my butt bored outta my mind. Anyone else kicking it in Vegas by yourself as well? No escort services, sorry…but I will get down on some sf4 casuals, hang out at Evo, or maybe even go grab some brewskies? Lemme know homies.


Only if you bring top quality whores.


If I wasn’t footing the entire hotel room bill I could probably afford to.


That’s ok, i can hang if need be.


I am taking leave from work to attend. Send me a pm and we can hang. I get off work at 5ish and will have to pick up my fight stick. I will be free for hanginf out immediately afterwards.


I’m about to pick up my badge, I could totally hang out a bit once I find my way to the badge pick up area.


Check your PM!


Oh badge pickup is today?


I’m typically a loner but, not at EVO.
PM me. I’m a local and I’m down to hang out with anyone.


My friends won’t be in till late Friday so if someone is willing to hang out :wink: give me a shout out via pm. Thanks.

Btw anybody have an mvc3 setup and want to play?


I am also in need of someone(s) to hang and /or chill with.


Uh Maybe we can sit together during the finals.


Friends don’t let friends miss EVO…