Friends Don't Want To Play Me Anymore *Not What You Think It Is*

This isn’t really a problem but it’s the reason why they don’t like playing me. For instance, they won’t play me in MvC2 because they accuse me of not having my own distinct style of playing, and that i use the internet/shoryuken to get better. They claim the combo’s are ‘internet’ combo’s and that i don’t fight with ‘style’. Yet all the use is Team Shoto and main combo/tactic is

I’ve been playing MvC2 since 8th grade (2001), before i even heard of shoryuken/gamefaqs so i’ve been developing my skills since then. They also use the same excuse for Killer Instinct since i used a Ultra combo on them once. This is pretty irritating since some of my other friends don’t really complain but i don’t see them much.

Edit: BTW, they can’t stand 3S because the animation is ‘too smooth’. Get Real for once.

sounds like they need to suck it up, nothing wrong with getting better

they will probably quit fighting games soon it seems they lack the passion


Ummmmm…they are scrubs.

Ditch them…find real competition.

they are scrubs for sure:rofl:

Read internet strats, watch videos, do whatever it helps you get better. There’s nothing wrong with that. Don’t let your friends’ scrub excuses stop you from becoming a better player. Good players won’t avoid using a move/combo/whatever just because you don’t know how to fight against it. If they can’t understand that they probably shouldn’t be playing fighting games in the first place.

Most people in my college don’t play me because they know they’ll get their asses kicked. Worst of all, they called me cheap because I use strategies they don’t know how to fight against. I’m no expert, it’s just that they suck really bad. I’ve even tried to teach people some basics but most of them are to dumb to learn. Maybe you should do like me and show this article to your friends.

I have a friend like this, it’s not even worth reasoning with them.
Take them to an arcade with some real comp or something, give them a rude awakening.


Just say “that cheap is better than free…LIKE YO MOMMA!”

But there are very few strategies I consider “cheap.” Like edge hogging in SSBM…that’s the only thing I really consider cheap.

But my siblings accuse me of being cheap alot too. In Guilty Gear, they consider it “cheap” that if I can hit them with a sweep or a gunflame, there’s nothing they can do about me hitting them 8-10 times before they hit the ground again. Or in Dead or Alive, I counter and throw like a fiend, and that is also considered “cheap.” In Street Fighter, I am a poke-and-run guy, and I tend to try and keep my distance from my opponents, which they call me “cheap” for. In Soul Calibur, I can juggle the hell outta them with Mitsurugi. Also “cheap.” King of Fighters 2003, the Kyo kick combo, then catching them with one of the supers on their way down is “cheap.”

It’s just one of those things…

But just because something is “in the game” doesn’t make it not-cheap. The Guile handcuffs are in SF2. But they are CHEAP. The Xbox version of SC2 has that glitch where certain characters can knock other characters through walls. CHEAP. Over-powered Akuma. CHEAP. Snaking in Mario Kart DS. CHEAP. Going underground in SOCOM 2 (for those of you who don’t know, some spots in some levels let you go under the ground, and you can see people above you, and shoot them, but they can’t see you, or shoot you). CHEAP.

That isn’t to say that all glitches, bugs, etc are cheap. Q’s taunt in SF3 isn’t cheap. The fast-fall-Faust in past Guilty Gears isn’t cheap. Those are just parts of the game.

I’ve got a friend who says the same thing.

Usually whenever I land something like a GJ combo with Yun he screams how cheap it is and how I learned it from watching videos on the internet. Of all things to call cheap… GJ?

dont play worse because your friends bitch.

Pussies, all of them.

Keep kicking their ass in any and every game they play and let them keep refusing to let you play with them, one by one, game after game, until there is absolutely nothing–not Street Fighter, not Mario Kart, not Pong–that they will consent to play with you. The more games you get them to quit competing in, the better.

Tell them to play World Of Warcraft, or something else that fits their “skill level.”

Hah! Mario Kart just happens to be my favorite non-fighting game, and they refuse to play that (they say Diddy Kong Racing is Better). This is only 2 of my friends, my other friends don’t mind my so called ‘style’ of play so it’s not really a whole big deal.

It’s really gonna be something once i learn how to Kara-Cancel in CvS2…lmfao!

I really enjoy the phrase ‘Internet Combos’.

They shouldn’t be playing a fighting game like MVC2 anyway. MVC2 is only fun if you play it casually. It’s a casual fighting game. Once you try to find the supposed, “Real Competition,” it’s all people like your friends mentioned, who just go on the internet and memorize all the cheap exploits and ruin the game. Noone wants to play against some scrub who just sits there dialing in the exploit combos or doing Magneto’s Hyper Grav exploit garbage over and over again. The only people that don’t think that is cheap are the people who like to use the same exploits.

Tell them they should play Dead or Alive on XBOX. They would like it a lot better as it’s the best fighting game out right now.

Every time scrubs call something cheap they’re basically saying “I don’t know how to fight against that stuff and I’m too stupid and lazy to learn.” :lame:

your friends ain’t scrubs

they’re plain outright losers

No offenese pal, but you’ve just proved you don’t know shit about MvC2.

(waiting for this thread to sway far off topic as shit begins to rain between MVC2 players and detractors)

hating on marvel is sooooo 2001