Friends mashing buttons really hard on madcatz te

so, i bought a madcatz TE maybe 2 months back, been using it a lot. when i play at home my friends and roommates like to use it as well. and well, when they use it they fucking hit buttons really hard and spam motions on the joystick pretty violently… i feel like recently my move execution has been a little “off” yet i dont know if that is due to my own failure or if my joystick is becoming less responsive? When i deliberately check the directions by making my character jump in the 8 directions, everything seems fine… i just dont know.

anyone have any similar issues like this? ie friends who fucking go wild on the stick?

I’d be surprised you’re noticing anything yet unless they are playing it everyday since those parts are actually pretty sturdy, but at the arcade I play at, I see the mashers, and it eventually takes its toll on the sticks and buttons. Testing out the directions might make it seem fine, but in my experience a breaking stick doesn’t necessarily just totally give it in one or more directions, rather it just from time to time drops some inputs.

tell them to stop i think would be a good idea

Tell them to chill out or buy their own fucking stick.


ha ya ultimately I think you need to prevent your friends from abusing your controller. It’s expensive equipment for them to be treating it so rough.

I kinda had the same thing going on. My friend was going buck wild on the thing and it was only my first couple days owning it. I just told him the harder he is on it the closer he is to spending 150. Now he uses my fightpad :). I didnt want to be a jerk but people have to understand ya know…


The stick can handle it, people are being babies when it comes to how they use their sticks. This stuff is made to take abuse and unless your friend is playing by stomping on it with his feet don’t worry about it.

Even though the joystick can take the beating, just tell them to take it easy. It’s your property and have them treat it however you want them to. If not, they can’t use it anymore. It’s that easy.

The parts can handle it, mostly. They’re not as burly as American parts, but they’re still made to be used in arcades. If the buttons or stick do break, they’re easy to replace…and not much money, so you can probably get it out of your friends. I’d be more worried about scratches or damage to the case.

Thirded. I mean. Obviously it’s cool to let your mates have a blast on the stick. To newbies arcade sticks are like “Whoaa mad man it’s like arcades and that” but you should probably tell them that although they can take a bit of a beating, it’s your stick and you’d appreciate it if they wouldn’t slam the hell out of something you spent quite a bit of money on.

Sticks can take a lot of punishment, buttons can take a good beating but yeah, in general friends should not be beating the shit outta something retails for $150(I think) unless you specifically tell them they’re allowed to.

I just remind my friends to replace anything that they break and they immediately go easy even if buttons are cheap and easy to replace. It’s the trouble of ordering and waiting for them that they generally think of.

If you tell them, they’ll slow down hopefully. Worked for me anyway.

Why are you not already punching them in the dick for mashing in the first place?

Unless they’re mashing the sticks for more than a few hours everyday, I don’t think the parts in the stick are gonna give out that quickly.

But yeah, tell them to take it easy or make them put in a deposit everytime they play so that you can hopefully afford a new JLF if it does break.

friends are dicks most of the time. Just tell them to play like humans or you will smash your dick inside their assholes like they do with your man-toy. I’m sure they will understand and they’ll try to be less aggressive with your hardware.

I have a couple of friends that like mash like “Hulk Smash” on joysticks! Kensanity, are these your friends?! XD [media=youtube]QQ120_VMPqM&feature=player_embedded[/media]

This vid is hilarious, Im gald you posted this.

np. I thought I’d share. XD