Friends Who Act Like They Are Better Than You

gotcha bitch

I hate people like that. Makes me want to break their jaw. Condescending assholes are damn annoying. They talk shit 24/7. They’re such bitches that if you do put them in their place they act like you’re in the wrong.

Sounds like the attack of the “Short Man Complex”

I’ve been around people like that. When somebody tries to tell me how to live my life or that I should change the way I live my life when they don’t know anything about what I do, they get dropped to the floor. Once they hit the floor I dare them to try and tell me how to live my life. They never speak after that.

I fucking hate those whiny bitches who try to put others down to make themselves feel better.

lol I think everyone has a friend like this.

That’s exactly what I was thinking. I used to work with this guy and his wife. He’d invite us over to his crib and once we were there, he’d start showing off every goddamn nice thing he owned.

He’d also act like money was water to him, always paying for food and stuff. “Don’t worry guys, it’s on me”. He’s about 5’3 and his wife about 5’8.

Now here’s where it really went overboard. One day, I had to go pick something up at his crib. No one else there, just me and him. All of a sudden, he pops out this album, like “yo bro, check this out”. It was an album of his wife in sexy transparent lingerie and shit. Granted, bitch is fine as fuck, but that’s when I really knew dude had issues. Found out later from other co-workers, they’ve also seen the infamous album.

Not surprisingly, she left him. Dunno how she lasted 10+ yrs and 1 kid with him.

review your past interactions with him, he’s probably acting upon your past behaviour. it’s either that or his perceptions of everyones opinions of him.

if your happy ignore his shit, his attitude will just alienate people from him

Napoleon complex.

Kind of funny considering that NASA just got massive cutbacks and he most likely won’t get hired at the end of his internship. He’s probably just exaggerating on his responsibilites anyway. I’ll bet he just gets coffee for the guys who actually work on the satellites–better yet, gets coffee for the guys who get them coffee.

I have a friend who makes good money teaching drums and rubs it everyone’s face. He did it quite a bit when I was still in school. He’s backed off lately but for a while all he did was talk about how much more money he made than me. He’s older than me and went through a one year drum school. He was making like $40 bucks an hour which is cool and everything but he conveniently would leave out the fact that he only worked ten hours a week.:rolleyes:

One day I asked why he was so impressed w/ his income when I made less per hour but made more than him b/c my job actually gave me hours:lol: He argued that he could make more than me if he worked more hours but then I reminded him that his job wouldn’t give him more hours b/c they have plenty of other loser drummers straight from drum school that didn’t make it big either.

Money does really make people dicks. Just ask almost any doctor.

People like that don’t remain my friend for long.

I remember one time I went to Key West with a few friends and I went into a rental shop to rent a bike and one of my friends was just… shadowing me the whole time while I filled out the paperwork until I finally asked him wtf he was doing?
He said he just wanted to make sure I didn’t need any “help” getting the bike.
He did the same damn thing when paid my share of the hotel/travel costs.

True he’s a some kind of engineer and makes great money and apparently he assumes since I’m self-employed, I’m some kind of bum or something.

Yeah, he makes more money than me, but he’s also stuck at a job he detests, takes anti-depression pills and can’t hold on to a girlfriend longer than two months. Oh and he also has issues with his mom who always reminds him of his “better” younger brother who’s a doctor.

I don’t care how much money he makes, I would NOT want to have his life.

It sucks but when you get older and you talk with friends from junior high and shit, you notice the amount of money they make really does change their attitudes. And if you confront them about it they’re just going to try to argue that you’re jealous blah blah blah

This thread is old as hell. yeah, my old friend “Dumbass” fits that description, as I’ve mentioned several times on here before. Every negative personality trait you could imagine…this guy has it…ESPECIALLY the “I know everything” bit and the condescending attitude (despite being unbelievably ignorant and stupid…yes, a person can be both. Ignorance on its own isn’t really a bad reflection on the person directly…everyone is ignorant about something.) This works in tandem with his status as a compulsive liar…he will make up random bullshit just to show “yeah, I know it all. I know everything…I always know what I’m talking about.” It could be something incredibly stupid…for example, it wouldn’t surprise me if he notices a scratch on your car door and says "hey you should get that fixed right away, because if you don’t, it will result in complete shutdown, and your car won’t start. ?Nah, man…alright DON’T get it fixed and see what happens…then don’t bitch to me 'cause I’ll say I told ya so."

This is the same guy that would walk around with his head tilted upward so he could “look down” on people, despite only being about an inch or 2 taller than me; I’m only 5’6 and this guy is 5’7 or 5’8! HA! It still makes me laugh…a guy that’s about 5’8 walking around like he’s Shaq…nigga please, you cannot be serious with that.

*more of the “complex”—this is the same guy that would walk as loudly as possible, probably to just make himself sound like a huge behemoth of a man. He did that back in the day; I’m not sure if he does it now though, to be fair.

Screw that guy. Drop his ass (not physically…I mean, just stop hanging out with him).

Anyone who tells me I need to be more proactive instantly goes into my “People I wish were dead” list.

Anyway, if we’re defining “friend” as “someone you know”, then yeah I have a friend like that. eyes Nasir But I would not call people like that friends and would not take their calls.

I agree. Who is someone to say whether or not your happiness is enough for you? Personally, I really don’t like it when someone fucks with my happiness. Yes, I understand he has good intentions by motivating you to be “proactive”, but who is he to fuck with the quality of your life? I can see why he would say such things if you are in the shitter and are in a downward spiral, but from your response, it doesn’t sound like you are in dire straits and are content with what you have.

yeah, but i’ve been around them long enough that kind of stuff doesn’t happen. they know who i am.

Yeah, I hate people who only want to talk about their lives all the time and try to tell you that your should be exactly the same as theirs or else it’s fail.

I would have hurt ole boy.

Thank God I don’t have friends like that.

My uncle on the other hand is just like this. Has a pretty decent state job, but is an indian giver. Like’s to show off all of his new shit like “Lol, look how much money I haz”. Been divorced twice. Already been beat up by his younger brother(My Dad) once. Has a couple older model BMW’s and an older Ranger Rover, and just believe he is the shit. Him and an older cousin of mines are feuding.

My older cousin introduced him to his current wife, and he has some thing’s to say about her, but since my uncle is a bonehead and get’s mad over the dumbest shit, he won’t listen. Little does my uncle know that she was turning trick’s and get’s money out of state from nigga’s she used to fuck with.

He pretends to be cool, and know what’s best for you, but at the same time he’s one of those “Practice what you preach” people. I could never take advice from someone that fuck’s up as much as he does.

He used to work in the mailroom for a number of year’s. Lucked out and landed a really good state job.

Just postin in here to say that getting accepted to Penn State main aint no thing

I had the complete opposite of this problem when I got out of the military. You come out of the military with alot of opportunity for yourself, people can’t help to think that you think you’re better than them. And they have absolutely NO problem showing their jealousy.

2 of my so called friends, and even my sister, all tried to basically shit on me like I did absolutely nothing in the military, and nothing with my life, and earned nothing in my life, to try and compensate for the fact that THEY were the ones to not accomplish anything and are all overtly struggling. And because I don’t talk to them about it. And to those here on the forum that know me when it comes to this Army shit, I don’t go around bragging about anything I’ve done(ask someone like RoninChaos, I stay pretty quiet it when it comes to things I’ve done on a serious level - I remember at one of the Final Rounds he was joking around yelling at people telling them I just got back from Iraq).

It was projection and misery loves company. I’ve since cut my sister out of my life, and those 2 so called friends I don’t speak to them anymore. The entire story is more detailed than this, but this is just a nutshell, and the straw that broke the camel’s back.

So basically what I’m saying is, you can have people like that “friend” you’re describing, who goes around thinking he’s better than everyone else. And you can also have people that think they’re better than you, because you’ve made better for yourself and they really feel they haven’t for their own selves.

It’s kind of sad.