Frieza Thread - Ruler of the Known Universe


Thanks, ill lab up and see what kind of combos he can do in golden.


its worth to mention that he keeps his golden state form when he is tagged out. so going into gold and tag to gain some meter with other chars while using his assist´s with higher damage is a option too to go.



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Soooo… Golden Sparkly Frieza can do 6k damage meterless, building 3 meters in the process. That’s… pretty good.


Damn… just when I thought I found a team to settle on :astonished:


Anyone know how to deal with a good frieza? His blockstring loop seems to last FOREVER with the range on his upwards rock move.


What exactly are you struggling with against Frieza? Knowing when you can stop blocking and start trying to do something?


Pretty much. I don’t know how he works very well, but the only opening I have seen is after blocking most of his string he will sometimes teleport to restart the from the other side, but other than that I kind of just sit there blocking for most of the match because his string has so much range and can he launch on approach.


That’s kinda hard to answer because there are so many different thinga that may be happening here. It sounda like you either have some bad habits that get blown up, or you’re just getting outplayed in general.

Got any footage of you losing agaibst a Frieza? That would make it easier yo answer what the problem is.


2:24 Is what I’m talking about. It’s hard to link a specific replay since he did it a few times with different variations. At this point I’ve played the guy a few times and am pretty shook so lots of combos get dropped. I always wreck his first two like nothing then lose to Frieza. Lot’s of super dashes too because… well he gets hit by them.


If you remember Clayton Chapman video you just need to “Chapman” him whenever someone does beams i.e you can preemptively spam the shit out of reflect until it goes off then punish with auto combo or knock him away after he does the rocks. Just go to practice and program comp to do same string u messed up


Not sure how useful it is, but if you combo into rocks and cancel into golden frieza, you can actually tag in and still continue the combo



combo with beam assist 5k damage works anywhere on the screen


Death saucer combos are love. Death saucer combos are life.
You can substitute the Goku / Black assist with Trunks assist both midscreen and in the corner. The timing for the assist call becomes tighter, but it still works; you have to delay the call a bit with Trunks, while you can just mash beam assists buttons during the 5H smash animation. There might be other viable substitutes, haven’t tested.

Still, those combos are why you really should have Goku, Black or Trunks on your team. It’s like a 1200 damage upgrade from his regular midscreen combos, they’re not hard at all, and they look cool as fuck.


Ten also works for saucer combos anywhere, midscreen you just have to delay the call a bit since Dodonpa comes out fast and pops the enemy too high if you call him early, and don’t give the saucer time to hit. Another benefit of using Ten is that his DHC hurts a lot, as you can combo a lvl3 or another Kikoho into DHC afterwards for lots of damage. Corner combo into Super -> DHC-> Kikoho -> DHC does around 8500 for 4 bars.



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