From a fellow opponent: MOAR Cross-Counter!



This is somewhat of a “FOR FUN” thread but i wish to share my opinion on this unique move of Dudley.

I play Vega and i have eaten my fair share of this move but no matter what, every time i see it (both landed and avoided) i can’t stop smiling… so feel free to spam the move as much as you want :smiley:

Gotta love fighting Dudley… the only char i’ll never get salty against! ^^



maybe its the tequila talking - but what the fuck?

on a more related note :


Mmm… judging by the two posts above i probably got misinterpreted…
I was honest in my first message (and no, i didn’t drink anything), i truly find highly amusing that move. The face he make combined with the “cmon man” is just too funny for me.

And before someone bring this up: no, i didn’t post this to provoke or mock Dudley players… it was simply to say one of the reasons i enjoy fighting this char (i did write that it was FOR FUN)


Whats the point of this thread? I don’t get what responses you want from us…


Just another vega player on the internet


Why is every Vega player a borderline furry/Diehard Sonic fan?


And how did you get that from my messages? Besides, at least in my case, you’re completely wrong…