From a noob to noobs


SFIVAE was the first Street Fighter I’ve played. I still don’t know how to do ultras all that well, I’m very new. I have like 8 hours total on this game (on any Street Fighter Ever).

My tips:
EDIT: I should not have used the word tip. This seems to have upset a few users so instead lets pretend I said this. I also forgot to mention that I use the PC version. So Online play is not a viable option.

My process: (feel free to give advise, revised for community)

  1. (I) spend most ur my time in practice mode rehearsing combos, then follow up in arcade to see where ur weakness is then back to practice.
  2. Don’t complain
  3. Learn to block while gradually increasing AI difficulty. Don’t fight back, just block.
  4. Learn ONE character well, get the basic mechanics down. A lot of characters have similar attacks with only slightly different inputs.
  5. Enjoy the beautiful graphics
    EDIT: I do this for developing reflexes, as the genre is new to me. Muscle memory for blocking is a learned thing.

Block, Rehearse combos, enjoy the music or play ur own.
Enjoy the game.

EDIT: The following is my experience. After practicing combos/blocking/etc I perform better at lan parties where we play PC fighters.
Eventually you will get ur combos right, you’ll start breezing through the arcade mode and who ur fighting wont matter as much as where they are on the map.


  1. Im no pro, but I dont look at my char too much even though shes amazing. Look at the enemy.
  2. If the enemy is one of the sumo-grabber types, don’t be stupid and get grabbed.
  3. If ur fighting a long-ranger like viper, good news, learn to jump (or reflect? i dont know if this game has a character
    like Smoke that can bounce projectiles but its a good chance to).
  4. Choose a character you are good at, I was lucky in that my favorite character is my best but u may need to find one that suits
    your playstyle.
  5. Blame your controller before you blame the input requirements. This game is very simple, but the controller may not be hitting inputs well.
    For example, Xbawx Dpads are trash, and PStripple controllers, although better for fighters, are still eh. If you want precision go mechanical keyboard/fightstick/hitbox. A decent mechanical keyboard will serve u well on fighters as well as FPS/RTS or any pc game.
    Also don’t complain even if ur controller is problematic because it won’t change anything.

I dont want to patronize about the complaining thing, its not my intention. It is truly a waste of time. If there is a mechanic you dont understand, then tutorial/ask. Again, I have ~8 hours on this game. Don’t believe me? I dont own or play on any consoles, I am brand new to fighters.

If ur controller has one of those lame round dpads like mine does, then lift ur
finger and manually hit the trigger directions. This guarantees that a combo/attack/special/we will execute even if its slightly less comfortable.


accidnelty posted this reply to myself but no delete option.


I don’t agree with a lot of stuff you wrote, but I’m lazy.

Last but not least, stop wasting your time with posts like these. If you only have 8 hours of game experience, there’s no way you know the game well enough to help other ‘noobs’, I don’t care how much you’ve watched.

Also, James Chen’s First Attack series is an excellent starting point. I would recommend it to anyone new to the genre.


Nice drive-by negativity. It won’t work with me though :/.
0/10. I’ll stick around, and continue to post. If I am corrected, I’ll take that into account. But flamers and trolls are like gnats.

Thanks for the tutorial link though, should have spared the edgy dialogue.


No troll/hate here. I’m just blunt. Trust me, I want everyone to be good at this game.


Nah your talking was indeed emotionally negative, I’m just not prone to be effected. Good tutorials.

And good alterations to ur posts, this thread is more civil now. I do regret the use of stupid in my OP however.

As for playing online, I forgot to mention that I do not play on a console and therefore it is not an option for me. If Capcom fixes the netcode then perhaps I can take your advice, however in other fighters I’ve noticed that blocking AI on hardmode is just as effective with timing as its not like humans change the framerate. The PC will execute an attack at the same time, just maybe in a poor order choice. Reflexes for blocking can be developed in either situation, though in my case as far as SFIVAE is concerned its my only option.


I just understood your revision to 5. I think I hold to my statement, there is more likely to be a problem with the controller than the input requirements of the game. I think the combos on this game are well developed, and that if there is a problem (that isnt the user) it wont be SFIVAE but in fact the controller. This is in response to input complaints directed toward the game as opposed hardware/user.


Yeah…not going to trust fighting game advice of someone who’s only played his first Street Fighter game for a total of 8 hours.


A wise choice, I’m merely listing what I’m doing ha. In retrospect this post is kinda pointless and bloggy but there isn’t a delete function so yeah.


lol, I am not convinced this thread is real but I actually agreed with a lot of the OP.


Its real. I don’t have users to play with for practice, I can’t just go online cause of netcode.

So I set the bots to do basic attacks/movements and try to practice from that. Then I test on arcade to see if any basic attacks get past me. I was hoping for some kinda input on that, since I actually got the idea from a tutorial.

The guy was showing how to use Juri by putting a bot on repeated jump then ground strike (etc). I would alter the purpose of the thread to say perhaps “what I am doing as a noob” that way better advise could be generated, but I messed up with the thread.
I’ll make an edit to make the thread more useful.


If you’re serious about getting better and there’s no local scene you can lean on, save up for an Xbox.
Online’s not perfect but it’s definitely better than nothing.
The only reason I would use Arcade is to practice your combo on a moving target before you jump into a real fight. It’ll also teach you that your combos don’t work from all distances, or maybe they won’t work if your opponent is crouching.
Even then, training mode with unlimited life serves the same purpose and is more efficient (you can restart at any time, no need to load, ect.). Arcade mode is just a dud.


Xbox aint going to happen for me, and yeah the local scene is pretty small. Im just not a console guy. If Capcom do revise their net code like they say they’re doing then it will be awesome to have other people to practice blocking/attacking with. The local Mortal Kombat 9 is good however, which is nice as their net code is worse :<