From C to Shining C


What’s the fastest way to get this achievement? All I can think of is learning the basic moves and punishes, and the go to reversal for each character, and then win 20 ranked games for each char. And 1 round matches to speed things up. Unless I’m missing something.


get someone to do it w/ you. there you go. ib4 do it for reals!!! don’t care for trophies much, but that’s the fastest way.


That’s one of those things where I’ll start trying for it when (if ever) I’m close.


What the fuck does that even mean, shining C?


Its a pun on the song America the Beautiful,

O beautiful for spacious skies,
For amber waves of grain,
For purple mountain majesties
Above the fruited plain!
America! America!
God shed his grace on thee
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea!


oh wow my bad, my poor thoughtless mexican brain didn’t catch that one.

I thought maybe there was some stupid shiny grade system on live.

A wild C appears!


I met a wild C once. Apparently, all it needed was an angry D. BOOYAH!


while everyone is going for the “c to shining c” achievement, i’m gonna try to get all of my main and alternate characters to a B instead.


Dunno sport. You should try asking the GameFAQ boards. I hear they’re really good at vidya games.


Wow. Even when a legitimate question comes up you still have this penchant for being a rude, condescending, wanker-envying little jerk.

@MingoDynasty - You pretty much have it nailed in your own post. My suggestion, however, is that you can successfully perform at least the first 10-12 trials with the character you’re trying to get to a “C” rank before proceeding.

Otherwise you’re in for a very time-consuming ordeal. Hard to get that “C” if you’re not comfortable with the character and the trials will give you a good basis.


Hmm well I did like 95% of all trials, thanks to those trial threads that inspired me. But after doing them I’ve pretty much forgotten all the moves/combos/etc.


Me too. Been working on my main.
But just run through a few as a refresher and get back out there.
I’m sure you could do it. Probably much better than me.


Yeah I know I can do it. I just wanna know what the most efficient way would be.

It seems for the most part, all you really need to know are the char’s best punisher, and his/her crossup (usually j.LK or j.MK or something) and a knockdown for that crossup or other followup. Basic all around strategy is to wait for the opponent to do something retarded like whiffed hp.dp, then punish and then crossup until they die.


to get ‘c to shining c’, all you need to do is:

be patient, block and punish, repeat.

90% of ranked players lose to this simple strategy, you don’t even need to mount an offence

and yeah, you’ve pretty much figured out the best way to do it already. shouldn’t be a problem


Please don’t do that. That ruins the match for everyone you run into. I guess I finally know why I keep running into jack-asses doing 1 round matches in ranked now, but that doesn’t really make it any less annoying.


Um I search for players hosting 1 round matches.


I have this achievement, and it took me about a month of play to get, but I did it the “legit” way by 3 rounds, 99 seconds and never asking my opponent to lose on purpose, so it took me a lot longer. If you’re willing to piss people off by setting the match to 1 round, you might get it a bit faster, but the problem is, if they see your name in ranked again they won’t play you. So it sounds faster, but you’ll be constantly thinning out your player base. This also means that if you meet someone with high BP that sucks (and is easy to “farm” points from), they’ll probably stop playing you immediately at 1 round.

Basically, you just need to learn one or two good specials/normals for each character and play solid. Alternatively, you know all those random 4000 BP people you see that are just godawful? Play like them for a while. Don’t be frustrated if you lose random matches, they don’t cost you any BP and it’s not a big deal. Here’s some character-specific things that helped me:

Shotos: Fireball and DP should be just fine.
Blanka: Learn to hop -> vertical ball and forward throw -> ambiguous U1 (should take you 5 minutes to learn in training). That’ll be more than enough, aside from random balls, to win online.
Honda: Spam random headbutts and normals like j.fierce and st.fierce. Punish with oicho, then cross up with j.MK and oicho again.
Hakan: Most people will let you oil up. j.MP lets you do slide with followup and is a good air to air. Most people don’t stop jumping, so pick U2 (though U1 is also good since Hakan has a good focus + forward dash). EX slide when oiled is a great full screen fireball punisher, even against Guile’s jab booms.

Here’s a post I made upon getting the achievement that might help you with some of the other characters, too.

Good luck, you’ll need it (and a lot of patience).


Explains a lot about what a scrub you are afterall if you think this is a legitimate question. Call the wahmbulance, emo, because again, the rest of us aren’t here to put up with this 1r bullshit.

You really need to go the fuck back to NeoGAF.


If you’re really hellbent on getting this achievement quickly (w/o learning jack shit), then learn each characters’ solid high damage combo and go for broke with retarded jump-ins, since you won’t lose BP until C-rank.


If you like this trophy I assume you want other trophies as well. Try unlock the red titles and clear as many trials for a certain character before attempting ranked matches. If everything else fails then just learn how to win in 1 round 30 secs settings.