From "catastrophe" to "meh" over the years

Has something happened to you recently that would have devastated you not too long ago, but is just a minor inconvenience now? It’s a weird topic, but I was inspired.

My secondary hard drive crashed. I stored videos, music and e-books on it, and now all that’s gone. If this happened just 3 or 4 years ago, I would be crying over that shit. I couldn’t find good video files or whole albums that easily, so I hoarded the stuff I got. I was starting to run out of space on a 320 GB hard drive. Fast forward to now. I know about torrents for TV shows. Most of my “fun” videos now come from youtube. File locker and tube sites have made e-books and porn easily accessible. I got rid of so much because I knew I could find it again. I had gotten down to only using around 70 GB on my secondary, and my 32 GB MP3 player has most of the stuff I cared to keep anyway. Even without that ghetto backup, I’m sure I’d be able to find things. So when that drive with years of content went from working just fine to not working at all, all I thought was “Hmm. Guess it’s time for a new one”. The only thing keeping me from buying the new one is me exploring the possibility a virus took the old one down. I have to protect the rest of my computer.

The thing is, I’m just now realizing the “no longer a problem” aspect. The drive went down a few days ago. It was second nature to me: I’ll just buy a new drive (after I ensure the rest of my comp is OK) and put stuff on it. That’ll take, at most, a weekend. Other than having to deal with rapidshare, it’s no problem. Years ago I would have been mad enough to punch a baby over this shit.

How about you guys? What event did you just shrug off that would have been a big deal to you just a short while ago? Why didn’t it faze you?