From GNS to Jill's tyrant

Hi all,

I’ve 2 questions regarding Rogue.

  1. What do you do in order to cancel the GNS to Jill’s tyrant? Do I need to set Jill’s assist type to Heal, Projectile or some other? And once Rogue’s GNS hits the opponent, do I do a HCF + Weak Punch & Strong Punch?

  2. Lastly, in Marvel VS. Capcom 2, I notice that it’s harder for Rogue to end her air-combos with a Strong Punch or Kick, unlike in X-Men VS. Street Fighter.
    My combo usually is :

(in air already) Weak punch, weak kick, medium kick, strong punch/kick

However, the strong punch/kick always misses the opponent(in practice mode, it’s a medium-size character like Captain America or Ryu etc.).


LP,LK,MP,MK. Start with MP instead of MK because MK has more range.

Thanks White!

But in MvC2, to get a MP/MK out, you need to press the LP/LK 2 times.

So, wouldn’t the full version be :

LP,LK, (LP & LP), (LK & LK) ?

That means that it would give 6 hits instead of 4, right?


Nope the majic series (which works for most characters in the game) is LP, LK, MP, MK. Rogue can actually extend this string to 6 but it requires specific timing and isn’t really worth it anyways.

Thanks, White! That means that in the air combo(in air), if I press :

LP(1st), LK(2nd), MP(3rd), MK(4th)

then the 3rd hit will automatically be the MP instead of LP again, right?

Lastly, if I do this magic series, I can then end the air combo with a Fierce Punch/Kick, right?

I’ve also been trying to link the Repeating Punches as an air-combo finisher, but no matter how fast I do it, the opponent always blocks. Is it possible?


Yes the 3rd hit will be a MP.

You can combo into Repeating Punches at the end of the series but it does less damage because of scaling. Use Power Drain or FP instead.

Also it is useful to use an AAA assist to gain extra damage during an AC.:wgrin:

Thanks Shadow! By the way, do u know of any place where there’s videos of Rogue doing extreme/cool/wild/insane combos?
I’ve been searching for it at and but can’t seem to find anything.
There was mention of this guy called VegitaX using Rogue to do insane combos…right? Anywhere I can download it?

Xeon. :):):slight_smile:

No problem Xeon.:pleased: I’m glad to help a fellow Rogue player out, you can find some Rogue videos of this guy named VDO (the fist Rogue pioneer) at :cool:

Thanks a lot, WhiteShadow! I realized that you used to post a lot around here asking folks how to use Rogue and I guess you should be a pretty might Rogue player now. :slight_smile:
Say, I’ve 3 things I need to clarify because the other threads/posts seems to be vague about it :

  1. Regarding Rogue’s “teleport” glitch, how do u execute it? I tried the following on the ground hitting an opponent:

Light punch —> Medium punch —> Light Kick

but the “teleport” glitch doesn’t appear?

  1. Regarding Rogue’s rush-down(the CPU does it really extreme!), is it :
    Light punch —> Light kick —> Super-jump —> Cancel —> Air-dash —>Light punch —> Light kick —> Repeat the whole cycle

I’m playing this game on the X-Box and my biggest problem is with the super-jump cancelling. Whenever I tried to cancel the super-jump, it’s always too late, or if not, the repeating punches comes out instead(probably because of the input motion on the controller).

How do u guys learned the rush-down technique in the first place? Like, how do u train? Super-jump and then cancel really fast?(I just can’t!)

  1. Lastly, I was thinking that if you use Rogue’s(or Storm or Magneto) rushdown and the first hit connects and you keep repeating the cycle, it’s gonna be an infinite combo, right?! :D:D:D

Thanks White!

You’re welcome.:pleased: My Rogue isn’t as good as it used to be since I have no comp to make it better, but my knowledge is still there!:wgrin:

About the Teleport Glitch-

It it done my doing a C.MP into a S.MK, the momentum from the C.MP will transfer to the S.MK causing the teleport.

The glitch can only work on small characters without Speed Up; small characters like Psylocke, Cammy, and Storm.

With Speed Up you can do the glitch on medium-sized characters like Cable and Capcom.

About the Rushdown-

Yes that’s CPU Rogue’s rushdown, but it isn’t that effecttive when a human tries to replicate it. Superjump quickly into AD is just something that you’ll get down with practice, no biggie. But when it comes down to rushdown J.LK and not J.LP is your move of choice. Better range and priority. Depending on your range a J.FP or J.HK should follow then you land aeither combo or restart the rushdown if you didn’t hit him.

About the Rushdown Infinite-

No it won’t work… except on Sentinel but it’s extremely hard to hit him with it and keep up the inifinite. In fact I can’t do more than 3 reps on him in training mode.:sweat: There was a combo video showcasing the infinite on Sent but I forgot the name.

BTW what do you think of VDO’s Rogue?!:wow:

From White:

Well, I heard they’ve lots of competition there in the US for MvC2, right? From small towns to large cities, you can find competitors everywhere.

The scene here in Singapore(where I live) is really pathetic, though. The folks here either all play online games like MapleStory, World of WarCraft, or others like CounterStrike or Halo 2. Basically, it’s all RPG or strategy games they do. Sucks, doesn’t it! Our country recently hosted some international Halo 2/WarCraft/Dead or Alive competition for all countries around the world, but no MvC2.

I do go to the arcade sometimes and get challenged by experts, but I stand no chance, cos’ I could never use the joystick properly! Heck, I’ve problems using the joystick to do a proper Hadouken!

What’s your most embarrasing arcade experience, by the way?
Mine was one that happened a few years back. I was using Ryu, Akuma and Rogue and this guy was using Charlie and some other fighters.

The match begin and Charlie immediately dash up to my Ryu and perform combos, launching Ryu up into the air.
Once up, his Charlie use the air-throw as the air-combo-finisher and because Charlie’s air-throw is straight down to the ground and can be OTG, he used a crouching low-kick and the launcher to launch me up into the air and did the air-throw as the finisher.
Once Ryu is slammed onto the ground, he used the crouching low-kick and OTG me into the air and repeated the pattern till my Ryu died. Akuma came out and did some projectiles but got launched into the air by Charlie again and suffered the same infinite combo.
Rogue came out and managed to chip a bit of his life, but suffered the same fate. Darn!

I figured that I could tech-hit out of those air-throws and save my skin, but I forgot during that time! :smiley: If I could challenge him again on the X-Box/PS 2, I could show him a thing or two.

Anyway, my latest team is Akuma, Rogue and Iceman. The previous one was Rogue, Akuma and Silver Samurai. Before that was Rogue, Cable and Jill. What’s yours? :slight_smile:

LOL! VDO’s videos were disappointing! Sorry to say that, but it really gave me lots of insight and tips, though. U see, I was expecting him to use Rogue to do those monster-combos on his rivals, but if you watch all his videos, you’ll notice that he lost way more matches than his opponent!

The other thing I noticed was that his Rogue, even at best, seem to be on the losing end against Storm and Magneto. I mean, there was a few scenes where his Rogue’s rush-down was clearly over-powered by Mag and Storm! Crazy! Now I know what “top-tier” means.
Those matches were really fierce, though. Every second, you see both players calling out assists non-stop till the screen is choke full of characters. :smiley:

In fact, I’m always very wary when fighting against Mag, Storm and Strider. These 3 have god-like combos and Storm is the most fearsome of all. As for Strider, I’ve seen how a Strider player KO all three of my cousins characters(Spiderman, Sentinal and Strider; my cousin’s quite a good arcade player) in a few minutes.
Hell yeah, 1 strider VS. 3 characters and still get near-perfect life at the end!

Good day!

say xeon

i wish i had some vid i could put up for u but i don’t but i do have some matches on tape maybe i could send it to u my mail if u want.

and also its not that hard to move like the computer just got to practice it that all. and magnus is not that good in my opinion…mayb for sentinel but truly if u r a pretty good blocker u should b able to beat him. although storm to me is my for the best on the game in a sense rogue is better then her b/c she gets speed up from her. even dj-b 13 agreed with me on that b/c it’s really almost impossible to block when she has speed up.

And also don’t watch them vdo vids they r terrible… i mean i like chillin with him when i see him b/c he’s made cool and everything but really u won’t learn anything from those vids. plus i’ve played him b4 and hes just another plan rogue player to me. And i’m not saying i’m the best but i haven’t really seen anyone that good using her. Shit we r a dying bread, there r probably a had full of rogue player in the all world of mvc2. Most people that plays her quit b/c they get own by top teir. I was even like that at first but now i don’t care who u are from Jwong to DucDuo I’ve beaten them all. But anyways i see about sending u some matches of me playing and hopefully it would help.

Say is any from here going to TX6? Drumline joe…lighting storm …etc.tec

O yeah Xeon what team do u play with…

VDO was good for his time IMO, and those vids are really, really old. I mainly linked im those vids beause they’re the only Rogue vids I can find, poor her.:sad:

Xeon: Backed with a good cover assist like Sent Ground Rogue can handle the big 4 quite well if you’re patient and smart.:wink:

Thanks a lot, White and Vegita! My! It’s good to be able to talk with 2 great Rogue players! What honour! :D:)

From Vegita X:

LOL, you mean sending them to my e-mail? If that’s the case, no problem. My e-mail is and you can use to send large files to me. But if it’s via snail-mail or postal mail, you can’t…because the mailing rates are pretty expensive from USA to here. :slight_smile:

Currently, my latest team is Akuma, Rogue and Iceman.
Akuma is the first to come out for the match, basically because he’s a pretty good all-rounder(except in defense). I mean, if you look at Akuma, he’s really the technique-king, with a skill for almost every situation(projectile, anti-air, hurricane kick) and his 5 types of hypers for every purpose(Messatsu Gou Shoryu for quick-ground combos, Messatsu Gou Raisen for anti-air, M. Gou Hadou for range attacks, Tenma Gou Zankuu for anti-ground and chipping and Raging Demon for those defense and blocking freaks).

After Akuma dies, Rogue will be the main character and attack. Iceman is the last, because he’s just an assist to cover Rogue with his chipping ice-beam while Rogue do the combos.

LOL…is this a good team? People have been telling me to use Sentinel or Doom, but it’s tough. I mean, Doom’s beam assist comes out and ends so fast that it can barely cover you long enough, and Sentinel’s biggest problem is : if my Rogue and Akuma dies, then I gotta use him to fight the rest of the opponents, which I can’t! LOL…whadda’ big piece of scrap steel junk! I’ve used Cable and Silver Samurai to replace Iceman before too, but just like Sentinel, these two guys can’t fight on their own(especially in combo-crazy fights). :slight_smile:
Jill is good though; her combos are real darn easy to pull off, but her legs and arms are kinda short and when fighting against Magneto and those grabbers(Zhangief and Guile etc.), she dies terribly. :wink:

From White:

Actually, one of Rogue’s biggest weakness in MvC2 compared to the X-Men VS. Street Fighter game is that her GNS hyper cannot OTG.
In the past, you can use a crouching round-house to trip the opponent and then do GNS to pick him up and the hyper continues automatically.
Now, GNS cannot be OTG anymore!

I also wish they gave Rogue flight ability(I mean, in X-Men comics, she can fly, just like Mag and Storm!!!) and also a aerial-GNS. :smiley:

Good day!

Sentinel is nasty even by himself. You just need to practice with him. He just might be the nastiest character without an assist…

Hey xeon rogue performs best when she has a hard hitting assist. For dooms assist I hope he was talking about his beta assist. Cause that assist chips more than ne other assist that he has. I personally use tron because she hits harder than pretty much all assists and has easy combos with rogue. U can do a five hit combo for 40 percent of life every time. As far as comboing good night sugar otg it is very possible. All u have to do is stand fierce and then do super. In the corner u can even do stand fierce after her kiss and tag in another character. As for vegita-x watchout my rogue has improved. I look foward to playing u at TS6. I plan on proving that I have the best rogue.:rofl:

Actually it doesn’t matter since an OTG can be rolled from immediately. Her biggest loss from XvsSF was that she couldn’t use her C.MP independently to extend her dash can combo/lockdown efficeiently. C.MP also aided in countering pushblocks.:sad:

pat, slap the hell out of big chriss please at ts6… i’ll see u there of course,… gotta represent from last year … w00t w00t top 5 no prob right?

BTW Vegita-X, do you think it’s possible to make the Rogue corner infinite a standard part of her game?:pleased: I’ve been trying to do so and practicing corner resets with her.:cool:

I hate it when scrubs talk. Ur so lucky that i just bought my new sticks. If u want to mm me then we can do it netime after next monday. I will be going to sg the friday after that and whenever they r open. BTW trying to play triple C wont work against my rogue i know how to get around that bullshit. I play with peeps who r better than u also i now play team scrub so good luck. Switched up to show peeps that ne1 can play top tier and win.