FROM GODLIKE TO GARBAGE: The growing pains of transitioning to Marvel


There’s a lot of people who struggle with the mentality needed for this game from beginners to the known beast of our scene. Half or more of our scene is 09rs since it doubled with the release of the SF4 series. Who came in way to late to be relevant to MVC2 with it’s steep learning curve. Some have been in for a while but just never touched marvel. Or like me who was a Marvel fiend but never touched a Wii remote.

Enter this Thread:

   It's somewhere to help you with controlling space now that you have a super jump, dealing with Sentinal, learning to stop trying to play SSF4 footsies or that laming it out doesn't just mean holding down back, as well as countless other MVC3 road blocks.  This way less people are apt to say screw this game it's too broken and not get into it.  And instead see that broken is a good thing.

**This is an open Q&A forum about any plateaus or brick walls anyone may have smacked into with the new mechanics of MVC3.

I personally want to see an MVC3 attendance at EVO that dwarfs SSF4.
So Community: Help me and the rest of us out!!!

Anyone regardless of background is open to ask…

but PLEASE unless you have solid info, don’t answer.

Granted the games a newborn now and not a whole lot is even found out at this point let alone “solid” but lets keep the random speculation and baseless “I think you should”'s to a minimum so that people can get some help out of this Thread.**


This was featured on the front page and I thought would be a good addition for everyone to take a look at in case you missed it.

Shoryuken - How to Beat Sentinel - By Novril/Tataki


I’m having a problem settling on a team. I want my own individual team that only I play, but I’m doing really good lately with Sentinel/Dormamu/Doom. I also find it hard to do tri jumps in this game. Whenever I get some offense going, I get mashed out of a lot of stuff or randomly launched. Tri-jumps feel weird to me outside of Ironmans



My original intent was to grab a team with the “best” characters in the game I’d be comfortable with. But seems like nearly every character can make up a deficiency with a good assist anyway. So then I thought of biting off a pro player’s team so that I’d have an easy blueprint to follow. Needless to say, it all seems like magic on the screen to me. And pro players are seemingly shifting their team alot esp since the game is new. Lots to be discovered. So seems to me that “settling” on a team so early in the games life is really limiting your potential.


More people play this game than there are possible teams of characters. =p You’re NOT going to be the only one playing the team. What team were you looking at? With the right assist selections and mindset, you can make just about any team work.


Random Tips:

This game is all about doing proper set ups. It’s very easy to do flashy combos on training dummies. The windows for comboing are huge unlike the 1 frame links in SF4. It’s easy to learn a combo in training mode and fool yourself into thinking you are ready to go.

This game is all about setups, and landing that first hit. That combo you learned is 100% useless if you can never land the first hit, it’s like a bomb, very dangerous but totally harmless UNTIL you get that spark to light it.

In this game, it’s all about mixups and assists. If you run around by yourself trying to get in vs. someone who is using an assist, you will fail every time.

One easy way to start thinking about it is calling an assist and teleporting. This creates confusion and often opens a character up.

It’s a lot easier to get in if you think of the basics. Remember, there are 5 potential ways to land a first hit and 5 ways to defend it.

  1. Down+Left
  2. Left
  3. Down+Right
  4. Right
  5. Throw

Think about what your opponent is likely to be pressing, and do something that counters. He’s crouching? Do an overhead. walking back? Teleport behind him, or assist + super jump. Blocking well? Throw.

If nothing is working, you can try calling in an assist. More often than not, the opponent will come in mindlessly and try to hit your assist. Anticipate this and protect your assist, this can lead to an opening for your combo.

The last tip is against zoners. Dealing with a good zoner can be really difficult, especially when they use assists to cover their lag/cooldown time. But just remember, there is no 100% lockdown traps (yet) in this game. Every attack pattern has some holes, it’s up to you to exploit them. Is he calling in assists and doing projectiles in a predictable pattern? All too often people will try to jump in somehow and they end up eating it. Instead, try to Do a super to catch them both. This isn’t SF4, you get up to 5 supers, there is no EX cancelling.


Don’t forget about how to properly do wavedashing and trijumping. Most people from what I’ve heard have trouble doing that with characters such as Doom who can’t wavedash, but trijump like a motherfucker and Magneto who can do both.

If someone is zoning you like a lame, just remember you can jump out of that and punish that shit in this game, unlike in SF4 where you if you’re zoned and you don’t know how to deal with it, then you’re fucked but not in this game. Hit confirms are really important in this game I might add.