From my PM inbox, from {PFH}-Lake



Dr. B eats elemental calcium and washes it down with sulfuric acid.


That’s poetic.


That’s pathetic.


Whoa…someone’s mad…


Lake seems upset. Maybe Dr.B can remedy the situation?


Those rape accusations were not thrown out there to try to insult specs, there’s something deeper there.

It’s okay {PFH}-Lake, he can’t hurt you now.


Two internet dumb acts:

  1. Sending a hate mail to someone
  2. Posting the hate mail.



I thought threads like this were banned? That is, taking text from PM/AIM conversations and making threads about them?

Dr. B has turned in that crying Indian in that one commercial. :shake:


sounds sexy.


I’m seeing a pattern between the DADT thread and this lovingly written PM. Gay rape seems to be on this guy’s mind. A lot. : o

Trashing teh gays and wishing gay rape on other men folk. I think they call this ‘projecting’. Perhaps one day, Mr. Lake will come to be at peace with his own deeply repressed homosexuality.


Just in case noone knows who PFH Lake is…

You are welcome. Hopefully I made Dr.B proud.


You still have the best gifs on srk… You dont even need to post words…


LOL. Stay free, [PFH]-Lake. :rofl:


Since the hydrogen made as a result of Dr. B consuming those two things, does Dr. B drink acid and shit fire?

Because that’s what I’m getting from this thread…


based on that pic and his avatars he is obviously a pedophile and a danger to society. someone should notify the authorities.


Co-sign. Shout outs to being the bigger person.


Hahaha, dang.


it would have been cooler if he put no homo at the end


Lakes posts to people who disagree with him are always filled with Venom and Hate. It’s kind of sad. Interesting that hes willing to put into words the kind of violence he wishes to distill upon you. They call that Pre-Meditation.


You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch.