From one Ibuki to another, a few Ibuki questions concerning super jump cancel combos



j.hp into c.hp isn’t very consistent and is also character specific. Does that come into play?


I’ve never had any problems with j.HP , cr.HP. Except if they are crouching, I guess?


c.hp will whiff on most if not all crouching characters, and some standing characters too, like Vega. Which makes it only reliable as a Stun punish (not for Dan), but in that case wouldn’t you want to just j.hp c.hp super? Or are you going for a hard knockdown and trying to juggle into super?


I’ve tried that before, it doesn’t do more damage. It isn’t possible to get all of the HK Kazegiri hits to go in, and it makes the super whiff more. Also st.MP, st.HK also does less damage for obvious reasons…


Stun punish. As in after a long combo.


Actually even after infinite damage scaling, HK Kazegiri still is better, this is because each HK Kazegiri hit does the same (or more, I forgot) damage as each hit of the Super Kunai. But even then, after a lot of damage scaling, you’re much better off setting up a true unblockable or a reset into the super.