From Pad to Stick

Well he will be playing in tournies that require stick,

Around his area you got Planet Zero which is an All Arcade tourney, the next Texas Shodown for what I hear will be all arcade,

Any Regional for what I know in Dallas even will be all arcade, so it’s like old school rules without a doubt.

Because I would stay with my pad that way every tourney I would know I gave my best, but I can’t do that unless I go out of the state of Texas now to NEC or somewhere like that.


if you dont get to grips with using a stick within 3mins of your first try you’re using the wrong type, its as simple as that. In reality you should prefer the stick over a pad almost instantly.

I’m a pad player, and I’ve only used 2 sticks in my life that I can honestly say I’ve prefered to use more than a pad.

Only real advice anyone could give you is simply practice and don´t give up. I started using a stick maybe two years ago… I used American (X-Arcade) at first and I did kind of get used to it, although I was no where near as good then as I am now. I got my self an HRAP2 christmas gone and I found it hard transitioning. It took maybe two weeks to get the hang of holding the stick and locating buttons, although I was still not as good as I was on a pad. It took maybe a further month to get to a point where playing on a pad was obsolete, as my execution rose even better than it was before.

Certain things I found difficult, like target combos or Roman/Fake Roman Canceling, but after a while it became more than second nature… So yeah, it´s true that you WILL get to a point where pad is obsolete, you just have to realise this and keep going forward, not going backwards for the sake of losing some matches…

I don’t believe I will ever drop my pad completely because I want to be able to do both with ease, but I will keep playing with a stick to learn it.

I’m trying to make the transition as well. I’m trying to learn on a Hori Tekken 5 stick, but that damn square gate annoys the hell out of me. Any advice on how to use a square gate stick?

You know you need to let go of a pad at some point right? You said it your self you wont be able to play at certain tournies… Just because youre better with a pad now wont mean youll not be even better with a stick. It doesnt matter if you lose some matches over a month or so, it doesnt make you any less of a player. It just means once youve over come those bounderies youll be an even better player.

That is not easy for some people. Control in games is all about muscle memory, and it might just be easier for people to learn one or the other.

I do not agree with that at all. If a tournament allows you to bring whatever input method you feel comfortable with, AND you can play on a competative level with a pad, why should you give the pad up? Just because one wants to use a pad (to use your words) doesn’t make one any less of a player.

I see what you are saying Demon Dash and I have had even my close friends putting all the pressure on the world for me to learn stick and saying how “I can’t go back to pad”

I know I’ll be able to go back to pad make no mistake about it.

It is what I am better with and I think its gonna take a while before I’m even remotely close with a stick to the level I am on a pad.

My whole mindset if I’m with a stick in a tourney vs. a pad is different…

With a pad I enter confident shooting for the top expecting to win, with a stick it’s like “I’ll be happy if I beat anyone.”

Once again in our area and where 2d is forever is the big tournies are arcade now and days meaning we have to try and sacrifice our pad playing habits to learn stick if we want to play these other people.

:sad: :sad: :sad:

Do I like that?? Hell no.

I mean shit a part of my felt like entering 3s on a stick was a waste of my money because I couldnt give remotely my best with me being ultra-competitive but at the same time the other part felt it was a learning experience.

So I see where you are coming from Demon Dash I hear it all the time from people, but I side with what Matt K. is saying.

Is it fair? Nope. Arcade people can use their own sticks on console, but unless its Tekken we can’t use our own pads on arcades- Giving us the short end of “the stick” lol so to speak,

I started with SF2:WW as well. So pad was never an option since I had a cabinet right by my home. Every fighter I’ve played was always on stick seeing as how good ports on console were a rarity.

I’m one of the lucky few that can play on a pad and stick. GGXX was very easy to play on pad. Not until recently did I decide to play it on stick. Feels good. But that’s a game that I prefer on pad. Especially Tekken due to the diagonals that one has to hit for certain moves.

BUT, it’s definitely a matter of preference when using a Sanwa or a HAPP stick. I start on, obviously, a HAPP because I believe that was what SF2 cabs were using at the time. After many years of learning and playing I got used to it. I could play MvC1 perfectly on that. Not until this past summer I got a stick from Dreadedfist and start playing on a Sanwa LS32 square gate(which is so much better than a octagonal gate IMO). It took me about 5 hours to get used to it because the square gate is so small that your motions have to be precise because if not, then you’ll hit any of the four corners. Hell, I even learned how to tick 360/720 on a Sanwa in two minutes. It just feels smoother now and I can’t play on anything else anymore.

Usually to keep myself in the groove I just sit down with the stick and no game on at all. I start inputing SRK motions, 180s, FB motions. The works. Thats my method.

Hell, I learned how to RC on a ASCII DC pad and did on a stick immediately the next day. I don’t know, I guess some of us have that ability to mimmick anything off a pad and execute on a stick and vice versa.

DONT USE IT. LOL. why not just switch it to an octagonal one? sooo much better. stick and pad? ive used the pad and stick for years, never liked the damn pad, any kind of pad. stick is always better.

what kinda stick is the tekken 5 stick???

Square gate. The buttons on it suck hard.

Exactly my point… I used to be better with a pad; hell anyone who started with pads used to be better with them. When I first used a stick I sucked total ass, you wouldnt believe how much. I couldnt do the simplest things like strong, fierce, shippu with Ken in 3S. But now after using a stick for as long as I have I can do things now that would be impossible on a pad, like kara dragon or even Makotos %100 stun.

It just takes time, I know its intimidating knowing youll appear a worser player, but its for your own benefit. Once you get used to it the things that you couldnt do become simple and the more advance stuff becomes possible.

That is surely something I believe and that is yet another reason I am putting hard effort into trying to learn it.

Square gate is just as good as an octagonal one once you completly know what youre doing.

You missed the point of DG. If you play on a pad, and do not play on a stick, and you are just as good on a pad as you would be on a stick if you practice… why use the stick. There is no reason, other than a stick only tournament, to ever switch to a stick. If you have superior pad skills, equal to anyones stick skill, continue using the pad. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

got the t5 hori stick and its cool with me. i did my pad to stick transition about 2 or 3 months ago, and it was cool. i wasnt a stick retard to begin with, but i was far from being even intermediate with it. then after much much practice. i watched a few vids of that famous ttt player from korea, on wavedashing and shit. then watched a alpha 3 tourney video, and peeped how players were holding the sticks, and bam. about a week and a half after that, i was able to do electrics and wave dash, and even light dash, but light dash only on the 2p side. doing dragon punch motions, wave dash, and light dash motions take a little more finesse then on the 2p side. for some reason with the technique i use, and the technique i see most people use. when you tap forward with your thumb and then d/f with your middle finger, you for some reason will automatically do a dragon punch motion. its cool for character like devil jin, whos ewgf is not like kazuyas easy, f, /d/f+ 2. but takes more finesse on the 1p side to pull it off. i use the same finger technique on sf2 and i can pull my dragon punches off with ease, but the 1p takes more finesse. eventually like said, it becomes muscle memory and you just do it subconsciously. you should be relaxed and loose in your motions, but still quick. its a cliche statement, but being tense fucks your shit all up. some probably can, but forcing motions makes execution much harder.
t5 stick is good to me. im not anal about sticks though and have little experience with different ones. though even when i transition from t5 stick to arcade stick. i can feel the difference, but it doesnt really fuck me up. but i definitely understand where some people come from, when they say that the sticks fucked them up, and they could have did better on better sticks, or there own sticks. that shits for real. i just dont happen to have to much of a problem between the t5 arcade sticks around here, and the t5 hori stick.

Yep that pretty much sums it up totally!!:wgrin:

wave dash??? in what game:confused:

Sounds like Tekken 5/TTT or any Tekken to me lol.