From Russia with love - The Black Widow thread



Poor Scarle… Errr, I mean Romanoff didn’t had a thread yet.
Will she have an Russian accent?
Will Capcom be lazy and re-use half of MvC3’s Jill moveset?

We’ll find out soon enough, discuss away!


Well it would be a Jill function in a new game so I wouldn’t mind.

(I played Jill…)


she is going to be a very flashy technical character that revolves around stuns and command grabs. here’s hoping she calls the helicarrier or a satellite to shoot down a beam or something


I’d be down for this. As much as I suck, haven’t found my character that I really want to put the time in. It would be cool if she can attach a grapple hook to a part of the screen that let’s her move up or down. She could shoot guns while sliding up and down like a spy action movie.


Does anybody know the notations for the BW half of this combo? Seems incredibly strong.

1 reset kill combo -


Not much action here but she seems strong.

Here is a vid I found from CorkyJay. Gives props where needed.

Early Black Widow BNB’s and Resets.


Heh. Why am I not surprised that CorkyJay picked up Widow.


what you guys think…


main bnb is as easy as I can make it without it being one of those 9000 input combos I have been seeing for Widow. Does 6.5k


5k meterless corner to corner, nothing too hard in it either.
Ends with a ground slam so you can combo into any ender, super for 6.2k with 1 bar or do any setup off of f.HK


Evil Canadian, great vid. That and especially your tips video have been a huge help in starting the journey.

Does anyone know what stone would work best with her and why? Or her best partner options? Think I’m gonna build a team around her.


Pretty obvious to use space with her. She can fill the screen with shit that’s great for pulling people into like the nerve gas. She has a lot of tools so probably works decently with whoever you pair her with.


Been running her with power stone. Her special jumps and zipline lend well to surprise power stone hits.


Also easy damage.


After my launcher, I land the hp and hk but they bounce too high to hit with the light Baton. How can I alleviate that? Practicing in the corner. Also, if it’s mid screen do I need to dash after doing Hp hk, into qcb hp? It looks like you dash into doing hp hk then launcher. But I’ve only been practicing in the corner so I haven’t encountered that situation yet.

Just got the game on PC so looking for pointers. Thank you!