From Sagat To Adon?



My question is ; is everybody or atleast a large percentage of sagat players switching from sagat to adon once SSF4 is released? I’m asking this because alot of people i talk to when i say im planning on using adon the say" of course you are,your a sagat player"…personally i plan on using adon because of my love for muay thai and i feel like he is more of a true muay thai fighter then sagat. even though they are very different types of characters i seem to get that answer from alot of people,so is this true are a lot of you (sagat) players planning on switching to adon? of course im not sold on using adon before i actually use him,but i do plan on him being my new main.


Would I want to give up my zoning style for rushdown? No thx, I’d rather pressure with tiger shots.


depends on how badly they change sagat’s gameplay style in ssf4

i do plan on using adon either way tho, how much will be dependent on my first statement.



Adon obviously = Sagat.


If you’re a fan of Muay Thai fighters, then yeah, moving to Adon from Sagat isn’t a strange coincidence. In any other respect, tiers will have nothing to do with it, because from what we’ve heard, Adon isn’t S-tier like Sagat is. He’s a rushdown character, which means he’s doubly liable to eat a DP > Ultra.


Play Joe Higashi and STFU.


Sagat is the most bad ass character in SF4. I don’t think Adon will top his bad assness. The only character I would consider switching to is cody at this point due to this same bad ass status that he has with me. Which I might stick with him so long as he has no bad match ups.


I picked Sagat because Adon wasn’t in SF4


I don’t think that, switching to adon just because u r a sagat player, is so obvious
they are way different: one is a zoner, other one is a rusher
but it’s worth trying him, for fun at least


I totally agree with you, the reason I’m lookin forward toadon because muay-Thai because I train in it along with bjj. I play as chun so I’m lookin forward to the rushdown. His rising jaguar looks like a real good flyin knee lol and I’m lookin forward to his jaguar kick n tooth, will be a hole different style of play for me