From sf4 to sf5



I utterly suck at this game (sf5) and i cant seem to get a grip on the fact that this game plays very different from sf4.

I keep raging when i get put into the weird blockstun this game has and the options every player gets after a blockstring.

Don’t understand when i anti air in this game it refuses to comply or when i block crossups it refuses to block correctly and keeps me in crouch block.

Just about done with playing this game, for some reason i can’t seem to adapt to playing this game yet every friend that used to play sf4 can easily play this game like they know what their doing. And this really angers me.

I only dont mind losing when i can actually still be able to harvest: Why did i lose, Did i play my best game, was he/she a better player then me.

Just imagine yourself struggling to win a match, win the match and be disgusted because you dont know why did you win.

And vice versa when i lose a game.

Last night was the worst: Ragequitted in a player lobby playing against my friends because i finally just had enough off playing the game.


Hey Mister, I think you’ve lost some salt!

Seems like you just didn’t get past the point yet, where you can accept that this game plays different than USFIV. Or it just doesn’t meet your expectations. Either way, feel free to ask specific questions, or move along like you did last night.


You’ve been here 6 years, you ain’t no noob.

At this point though you need someone to sit down with you personally and spar with you regularly. You need a mentor. Other than that it might be time to go back to IV or find something else to play.


Forget what you know about SF and just start fresh. If you keep trying to play it like other SF games you probably won’t enjoy it.

SFV plays differently than previous SF games. The lower pushback + frame advantage on mediums/heavies essentially makes it a turn-based fighter which has more in common than Tekken than traditional SF, which derives a lot of its charm from trying to determine when and where to attack rather than having it spelled out for you. SFV’s compromise is that there is generally better reward for good reads. Ironically, that’s also why many players who are used to the strategies in involved in older games have this feeling of not knowing why they won or lost. Hard to believe, but in SFV most of the time it the question and answer is as simple as “they got hit because they didn’t block”. That, incidentally, is also why newer players love SFV. It is very easy to see what they did wrong.

Anti-airs are noticeably weaker, and while you certainly can punish people for jumping a lot, it’s just one of those things you have to get used to. Often your best option is just to block more and prepared to deal with the mixup.


@“DevilJin 01” What confuses me is the simple fact that i use to utterly suck at sf4, so much so that i stumbled upon in order to get better at the game. So many tutorials i went through in order to get the gist of fighting games. (Shout out to vesperarcade for making a fantastic ssf4 tutorial btw.)

So many hours sunk into learning how to block, how to anti air, how to play a shoto character, how to play a grappler, or a charge character. Learning the footsie game, getting into the fighting mindset.
And eventually i improved so much that i could actually hang with my friends on the same level. Even when i lost i had fun because i knew i gave it my all and was gradually improving.

That’s why i feel so conflicted every time i boot this game up, Seems like all the work i put in didnt carry over to this game at all.

But i really want to beast in this game like i did all those years playing sf4, ssf4 and ssfAE. Like when i switched from my madcatz fightpad and got my first budget arcade stick and had to re learn how to play basically because it was so different than playing on pad.

Yet i had more fun grinding it out getting bodied online and ofline while learning in sf4 while doing training drills so i could actually play the game that i love to play.

I just want to be able to play this game like every other fighting game enthusiast.

Any tips for me though?


The advice I would have given you early into SFIV would have been to start learning other fighting games. Learning more than one fighting game gets your mind more adept at picking up the meta of a game faster. That’s one of the biggest hurdles for people getting better at fighting games in general is they have trouble adjusting to how a different game works. Playing different games (even if not at a great level) helps you to pick up nuances in how they work so you aren’t so slow at picking up another game. When you get too used to the nuances of just one game, your mind won’t work to learn the next game. It’s just expecting all of the nuances of the old game to be thrown at it and rejects anything different.

Doing nothing but playing one fighting game all the time if you’re not already a hardened veteran of other games is just not good for your ability to learn and adapt. If you’re having this much trouble learning SFV over IV, you’d be screwed playing an anime game or 3d fighter.

The problems you are having sound like they would be the exact same problems you would have if you played 3rd Strike or Guilty Gear or Tekken or anything else. Anything that plays different throws your mind off and that’s due to lack of ability to adapt to different games (due to lack of experience with different games).

If you wanna play this weekend so I could go over some stuff with you lemme know. If you play on PS4 we can talk through chat or on skype.


Yo @“DevilJin 01” thanks man. You really opened my eyes to me getting to used to the street fighter 4 playstyle. Guess i have to just start from complete scratch. My psn is LeftOverGuy.


Cool I’ll PSN message you when I get home tonight.


SFV is a different game from SFIV but it does NOT get played differently.
The basics of blocking and anti-airing transfers over in both games.


one thing that will help is to switch to a different type of character than you are used to playing and here is how; When you play street fighter you are playing the game of street fighter and what can be considered a second game with the rules of the game are based on the character. If you are playing same type character you are fighting your muscle memory and the reactions you built up and play on auto pilot.By playing a different type of character you will bypass your muscle memory and learn the game engine as you learn the character


I’m down to play as well. My fundamentals are decent and I’m a much better teacher than I am a player. PSN: SD_AudricVsFood CFN: SDAudricVsFood.


Curious, did you mainly specialize in 1 character for the entirety of SFIV?

I think the characters in SFIV had much more extreme design differences than SFV, which allowed people to find odd niches where they could win without really playing SF. This happened to me.


Did mainly play Deejay/Guile but i could play the other characters too. Most of my AE wins were with Makoto