From short head butt to fierce tackle?!

I have seen only few ppl do it…Crouch Fierce punch, tackle, aegis, fierce tackle dash -> short headbutt to go on the other side, THEN!!! fierce tackle!!! works specially with Dudley, cuz he gets up quickly…how is that done!!! I can charge partition pefectly, so far i have learned by myself wit…but, thats is hard to learn!!! I cant seem to guess how its done, Ive seen only 2 people do it so far, one of them is Rx. I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that, sometimes when we try to grab, we get short tackle instead!!!

just do charge partition RH tackle when you’re on the other side i guess?


c.fp, mk tackle xx fp aegis, rh tackle, charge db, dash, then do mp headbutt with db to ub to keep the charge, now your on the other side, so b-f mk for tackle, c.short, dash, c. fp.

I fuckin hate that shit.

that’s like an extra charge partition but i didn’t know you could do that. Isn’t it dangerous becaue you can get dped when you dash tackle?

No. People can’t dp you when they’re lying on the ground.

Edit: Oh, I thought True posted the one RX did against that Ryu. Anyways, that was a mk.tackle. If you use rh.tackle, it pushes them into the reflector, which breaks guard.