From TE to TE2+?

I would like to upgrade my SFIV Arcade Fightstick TE to a SFV TE2+ once it has been released.
How this stick is better? I see many reviews claiming some sticks are better than others. But hey, don’t they use the same parts?

Yep they use the same stick lever and buttons.

Its only better from a modder’s perspective. They use the exact same parts so feel and performance will be the same for both sticks.

I’ll stay with mine then. 250€ are a lot of money.
At MadCatz are quite stupid. They have sponsored the best players (Umehara, Tokido, Mago, etc) still they don’t have “signed” editions of their sticks.
Also, they’re releasing only slightly updated versions of their sticks.

What about a licensed TE-3 with cool Street Fighter ART (voted with the community approval), signed by Daigo Umehara, with customizable firmware (button lights, colors, etc).
I mean, they build fight sticks. They should collaborate with Sanwa in order to bring innovation in this area. Otherwise they’ll die pretty soon.

MadCatz are not stupid. They are a major company who has to deal with licensing agreements from both the console and game companies. These agreements prevent them from doing crazy stuff like a “TE-3 with cool Street Fighter ART (voted with the community approval), signed by Daigo Umehara, with customizable firmware (button lights, colors, etc).”

They also want to stay in business. Releasing the end all, be all of arcade sticks, one that no one ever has to upgrade would make them “die pretty soon.” So they need to keep iterating on their product in small steps to keep the money coming in.

Their TE2+ is a really nice stick for someone who wants quality components in an easy to modify package. It’s really only surpassed by custom builds and sticks that are even more expensive (Premium VLX).

Quite the opposite, I would say. I’m not changing my stick because I have no convenience in changing it. A stick is not something in which you cannot do innovation, so saying that “the end all” can be released is pretty idiotic. To stay current in the market you have to innovate. Releasing small steps without giving consumers the opportunity to “consume” is what makes the market stall.

Stick with your TE as it’s a more solid stick than the TE2 and padhack it for next gen or get a Brooks Fightboard or universal if you don’t like to solder, you’ll save a lot of money.

a integrated keyboard including the new touchpads would be a step forward. the most bigger cases should have enough space to integrate one in a way that it doesnt disturb you while playing.

Whoa. Do you consider the TE2 of less quality than the original TE? Good to know.

Its not that the TE2 isn’t any good, its due to the open case construction you will have some play in the TE2 case while the TE being the way it is is more sturdier.

Factor in that the TE has 6 bolts holding the top panel down while the TE2 top panel is held by a hinge and a latch with a bit of play or give which allows for some movement.
I sure if you bolt down the TE2’s top panel the case will seem sturdier.