From Tekken to SFxT

Hey guys. This game is so freakn’ hype! And being a Law player from all the way since Tekken1, I would like to now master Law in SFxT.

As for his moves, the look pretty much the same, “Junk Yard Kick”, “Dragon Tail”, “Legend Kick” and I love that he has his dss-stance. But how can I as a hardcore Tekken player now move over to SFxT? The only 2D game I have experience in is KOF98. But other than that, how could I learn the game-mechanics and Law? Are there any guides out there? I play with a korean bat-top stick, should I change to a ball-top one? What advice could SF-players or 2D players give to Tekken players?

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

There’s a guide by Bradygames that releases along with the game. You should check that out this week.

A lot of his key moves are here and there’s less things to use but it fits very well in this game IMO and SFxT Law is very much as vibrant as his 3D version. I’m loving it so far.