From the Chinese arcade fan a joystick product, hope everybody supports more

Today is the first time I have successfully registered in this BBS. I am very excited. I hope my arrival will not bring you any unhappiness.
I’m a fan of game rocker, I engaged in this industry for 11 years, saw many wonderful product, you are great, you really have developed a lot of my mind, today I give bring a reference to the appearance of B15 game rocker, here, I’m very sorry, copied from your appearance, but it is really nice, I really very want to make it better, because I like you, are very love this product. I hope you can watch it and not have too much responsibility.

This is before I release the name of the game called R7 rocker, its modelling everybody is very familiar with, but our charts show you, it is mould manufacturing, its characteristic is to use the seven lights light effect, and use our own for the first time the development of mechanical green shaft key, at the same time, the structure of internal adopted the whole circuit board, a better neatly inside

Now we have just updated this product this year, can you see the difference? This product, the first time we have increased the LCD screen, at the same time, to upgrade the circuit board further USES STM32 chip programming, let it supports the PS3 and PS4, this is not the most important, the most important is we the lights do more meticulous, 8 color light when the machine, we can look at the keys, rocker arm, and the key part of the lights on the custom set colors, can achieve a lot by the flash function, respiratory function, normally on the function and effect of entertaining diversions, and so on, at the same time support 8 color selection set, LCD screen will display with, this is cool, in terms of performance is good, can play street fighter 5, 14, the king of fighters iron 7, and so on, its handling is very good, we also use the SANWA parts, with a new generation of key aspects of mechanical buttons, feel is good, good the article published here first, I’ll release often some of our new product evaluation for everyone, I hope I didn’t bother you, also hope you don’t get angry we copied the this product.

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The sticks look nice but reading this made my head hurt.

Thank you for your evaluation. I am not good at English. I do not know whether the sentence is smooth or not.


What price would you be selling these for?

Love the inspiration from B15SDM, looks like a nice spin on it.



The price is very cheap in China, is 699 yuan RMB, released next month I’ll give you a few better machine, also is the LCD panel and 8 color light, and it is carrying our self-developed mechanical rocker and mechanical buttons




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Where can we order this from in the US? How much will it be in US dollars?

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是完整的机器,不是单独盒子,摇杆和按键芯片 都有

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At present, we are through the Chinese taobao platform orders, have also some players to buy players abroad, may, because we have several good product should also be published together, to product all mature, we will think if to foreign players to provide sales, of course, our price is very cost-effective, not very high

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699 CNY to USD = $111.27
If that price also includes a joystick and buttons, that would be really nice. Shipping cost is the only remaining issue.

It does include Joystick, buttons, and PCB.

Shipping will be a pain in the ass though.


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Ok thanks. Someone over there should send one pro-bono to @jonyfraze for him to do a video on it.
That should get this stick enough interest that people won’t care about shipping.


After may, I will make a complete introduction to our high-quality products, and we will do some video temporarily. Thank you for your attention.