From your experience, was it more advantageous to buy a PS3 or 360 version of a fighstick?


Im buying a madcatz pro and depending on my local scene theres both 360 and ps3 support. However, i wanna think outside just local play. In general which console is more popularly used in tournaments?


You’ll lol probably end up wanting a dual mod, in which case you’re better off getting a 360 stick to start.


i’d say the xbox 360 is more popular, at least from the tournaments and venues i’ve gone to. setups for the xbox 360 are generally cheaper than ps3 setups. there are also alot of people who complain about marvel lagging on the ps3.


Thanks for the replies guys! What is the set up used for EVO? I heard it was 360 but they might’ve changed. Obvs Im not near the level of evo but I figured the biggest tournament in NA would be used as an example to follow by other TOs.


EVO was PS3 up until last year.
This year’s EVO is on 360.


I would pick the game I want to play the most first before I buy a stick. I play a lot of anime fighters so I bought a PS3 stick. If you are a tourney or local guy then a dual mod is almost required.


Only reason I say get the Xbox 360 version of the fight stick, as in all dual-mods you still need a PCB for the Xbox 360 any ways.
With a Xbox 360 stick you already have your Xbox 360 PCB.

A board like a Cerberus or Chimp is easy to install and it will piggy back on your existing Xbox 360 PCB and the stick will automatically switch to the board that is needed.
The Chimp has slightly more involved instillation that the Full Cerberus board but they get about the same results.

the exception to what I said above would be a PS360+ board or a Paewang board as they are both all-in-one solutions.
PS360+ is autodetect and also support some older consoles, while the Paewang must be manually switched back and forth.